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WindowGrip New WindowGrip

GamColor® Cinefilter with a low-tack adhesive to secure ND and CTO films to glass or plexiglass windows.

  • Use for color correction
  • Reduce light intensity
  • Change the color temperature

WindowGrip samples

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GAM has applied an optically clear low tack adhesive to its also optically clear deep dyed polyester CineFilter™ to create WindowGrip™. GAM CineFilter™ is a color correction filter manufactured to stringent quality control standards from high-temperature heat-resistant and UV-protected materials. The resulting combination is a color correction filter that ensures consistent color quality for repeat reliability and superior performance.

We STRONGLY recommend that you use our GAM squeegee to achieve the best Windowgrip™ application.GAM Squeegee

  • Hard rubber edge easily
    pushes out water bubbles
  • Durable stainless steel


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WindowGrip™ creates new possibilities for solving the color correction and intensity problems of sunlight coming through a window. WindowGrip™ adds a new dimension of control and flexibility not previously possible.


Optically clear WindowGrip™ : A better, faster way to apply correction filters to any window!

1. Optically clear WindowGrip™ is easy to install. Begin by removing the clear liner exposing the adhesive backing. Mist the window with water and use a squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles as WindowGrip is applied to the window.

2. As exterior light conditions change, a second layer of standard GAM Cinefilter™ can be applied to WindowGrip™, adding more ND or CTO as required, by merely rubbing it with a smooth cloth and then applying the standard GAM Cinefilters™. Static cling will hold it in place for days and it can be removed and reapplied as light conditions change.

3. When finished, simply peel the WindowGrip™ from the window one day, one month or one year later and discard it. WindowGrip's™ speed and ease of application, dependability, durability and optical clarity make it the ideal solution for correction of daylight from windows.

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WindowGrip installation

WindowGrip™ is a better and a quicker way to apply correction filters to your window or plexiglass panels. WindowGrip™ is available in rolls 48 inch wide by 25 feet long.

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WindowGrip on car windows

Apply WindowGrip™ on car windows and still roll them up and down!

WindowGrip is thin enough to be used for color correction of car windows without interfering with their movement.

WindowGrip : The Preferred Solution...

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Item NumberDescriptionSize
GAB1810UV Shield (Blocks UV radiation)48in. x 25ft. rolls
GAB1815.3ND Neutral Density Filter with a one stop light loss48in. x 25ft. rolls
GAB1816.6ND Neutral Density Filter with a two stop light loss48in. x 25ft. rolls
GAB1817.9ND Neutral Density Filter with three stop light loss48in. x 25ft. rolls
GAB1856Combination of Full CTO and .3ND converts nominal daylight 5600 Kelvin to 3600 K with a light loss of 1.5 stops48in. x 25ft. rolls
GAB1857CTO/.6ND Neutral Density Filter with a 2 stop light loss48in. x 25ft. rolls
GAB1920Frost (Looks like GamFusion 10-50)48in. x 25ft. rolls
GAB1945Frost Textured Window Grip (Looks like Glass Brick)39.5in x 32ft rolls
GAG1810UV Shield WindowGrip Tape6”x 25’
GAG1815.3 ND, 6” WindowGrip Tape6”x 25’
GAG1816.6 ND, 6” WindowGrip Tape6”x 25’
GAG1817.9 ND, 6” WindowGrip Tape6”x 25’
GAG1856CTO- .3ND, 6” WindowGrip Tape6”x 25’
GAG1857CTO- .6ND, 6" WindowGrip Tape6"x 25'
GAG1920Frost, 6” WindowGrip Tape6”x 25’
SQ2045" Hard Squeegee5 in. wide

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