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Fluorescent lamps and sunlight emit high levels of UV light. High energy radiation in the 200 to 400 nanometers segment of the electro magnetic spectrum can be most harmful to paper, paintings, parchment, dyes and pigments of all kinds. GamColor® clear, colorless polyester film effectively filters 97% of the ultraviolet radiation in this wavelength band, preventing colors from fading. The images above illustrate how a color print can fade after long term exposure to UV light.

GAMPRODUCTS, Inc. offers a wide range of window screening materials that eliminate glare, ultraviolet light and reduce heat build-up from direct sunlight. GAM screening materials will help make your office and display areas more comfortable and functional. GAM UV Filter will protect: Artwork, ceramics, costumes, fabrics, manuscripts, paintings, photographs, rare documents and tapestries.



GAM Product #GCC1510
Rosco Product # 105 0151 02024

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GAMChek Jr. Spec GAM UV Filter Specs

UV Filter applied to display case


The UV filter shall reduce the radiation in the wavelength band from 200 to 400 nanometers (nm) to less than 3%. The UV protective material shall be optically clear and manufactured via a deep dye process that fully saturates the 2 mil thickness of the clear polyester with UV absorbing chemicals. The UV filtering material will not flake, scratch off, rub off, peel off or streak.

The UV filter shall have received approval from ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for protection of stored or displayed photographs. The UV filter will have passed the ANSI tests method IT9.2, Photographic Processed Films, Plates and Papers, Filing Enclosures and Storage Containers (known as the Photo Activity Test).

Ultraviolet filter materials shall be supplied in sheets of 20" x 24" wide, rolls 24" x 50 feet long, rolls 48" x 25 feet long, rolls 24" x 198" long and in T-12 Tubes.

Choose from: WindowGrip™, GamTube™, GamColor® UV Sheets, GamColor® UV Rolls, Gamchroics™


GCC1510 / 105 0151 02024
GAM 1510 UV Shield - 20 x 24 Sht
GCJR1510 / 105 0151 02416
GAM 1510 UV Shield - 24in x16ft Jr. Roll
GCCA1510 / 105 0151 02450
GAM 1510 UV Shield - 24in x 50ft Roll
MR1510 / 105 0151 04801
GAM 1510 UV Shield - 48in Footage
GCCB1510 / 105 0151 04825
GAM 1510 UV Shield - 48in x 25ft Roll

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