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  • Artwork
  • Photographs
  • Paintings
  • Costumes
  • Ceramics
  • Rare Documents
  • Manuscripts
  • Fabrics
  • Tapestries


  • Electromagnetic energy is measured in nanometers (nm)
  • UV is present from 100-400 nm
  • Visible light is present from 400-700 nm
  • That means energy from 100-700 nm is responsible for 65% of all fading


GAM Product #GCC1510
Rosco Product # 105 0151 02024

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GAMChek Jr. Spec UV Filter Instructions

Gallery: La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, CA • Art by Tamara Guion

Protect your rare and precious documents, photographs, paintings, and fabrics from the destructive effects of
ultraviolet light.

  • Please see Windowgrip™ Instructions for UV Filter
    application for windows


Books, Papers & Paintings Storage Display
Temperature 18°-22° C (64°-71°F) 18°-22°C (64°-71°F)
Relative Humidity 30-50%RH 45-55%RH
Brightness of the Light For all paper, dark storage is preferred. If the items are being used for research, the light should be kept as low as possible. The periods of exposure to light should be kept to a minimum as well. Ideally should be no higher
than 50 lux, 250 lux for paintings.
UV Content of Light Dark storage is preferred but if light is present, UV content should be no greater than 75 µW/lm, and preferably below 30 µW/lm. No greater than 75 µW/lm,
preferably below 30 µW/lm.
Photographs Storage Display
Temperature 18°C±4°C (64°) 21°C±4°C (70°)
Relative Humidity 30-50%RH 30-50%RH
Brightness of the Light Dark storage is preferred Less than 250 lux
UV Content of Light NA Less than 30 µW/lm and no greater than 75 µW/lm.

1 Heritage Collections Council Secretariat, GPO Box 2154, Canberra ACT 2601: ReCollections : caring for collections across Australia /
Heritage Collections Council.
(Australia, Canberra, A.C.T. : Heritage Collections Council, c1998), 31, 67,109.


24" x 16' 6" Junior Roll
24" x 50' Roll
48" x 25' Roll
Rolls are ideal for larger areas such as display cases. The material can be easily cut to fit special sizes with a matt knife or scissors. Gam UV Rolls

T2 to T12, up to 8 feet,
and for bi-axial lamps.
GAMTubes™ are reusable sleeves that slide easily onto fluorescent lamps, and are available in any GAMColor®. Gamtube

20" x 24" Sheets
Sheets are ideal for small cases and sleeves. Trim to fit with matt knife or scissors. Gam UV Sheets

48" x 25' Rolls
Adhesive backing makes application to windows easy for semi-permanent installations.

Can be peeled off for easy removal. Apply to windows where harmful ultraviolet rays need to be blocked.

Custom sizes
Glass dichroic filters in custom sizes block infrared and/or ultraviolet light. GAMCHROICS are also available in decorative colors. Gamchroics

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