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Ultraviolet light can cause damage to paintings, furniture, carpets, porcelain, photographs, papers, manuscripts, stamps, tapestry, lithographs, costumes and all UV sensitive materials.

GamTube UV protective filters are ideal for eliminating the very high ultraviolet output of fluorescent lamps which can do damage to so many rare objects including the fabrics used for costumes in the theatre, paintings and art objects in galleries or museums. Ultraviolet light is detrimental to the paper used in printing books and therefore not desirable in libraries.

The same UV filtering material used to preserve the Constitution of the United States is available as GamColor and GamTube. GamColor UV filters reduce the radiation in the wavelength band from 290 to 400 nanometers (nm) to less than 3%. The high energy radiation in this segment of the electromagnetic spectrum presents the strongest potential to harm materials such as paper, parchment, dyes and pigments.

GamColor UV protective filtering materials are optically clear. Unlike surface coated films, the GamColor deep dyed process fully impregnates the thickness of the polyester filter with UV absorbing chemicals. The deep dyed film ensures protection that will not flake, scratch off, rub off, peel off or streak. The deep dyed process and high quality control standards ensures consistency, uniformity and optical clarity.

GamColor UV protective materials have received approval from ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for protection of stored or displayed photographs. The film has passed ANSI Test Method IT9.2, Photographic Processed Films, Plates and Papers, Filing Enclosures and Storage Containers (known as the Photo Activity Test). Awarded after analysis conducted by an independent testing facility, the ANSI approval signifies that GamColor UV protective films will not release any chemicals that may cause degradation of photographic materials.

GamColor UV protective filter materials are available in several sizes: Sheets 20" x 24" wide, rolls 24" x 50" long and 48" x 25" long. For covering fluorescent T-12 tubes, the GamTube is available in 100 inch lengths. GamTubes are also available in neutral density filters to reduce the light output when necessary and minus green (pink) to improve the color appearance of skin tones.

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