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Water/Smoke Effect with #267 Fire
and GamColor® #810 Moon Blue



A variable speed double-pattern rotator using silent
drive belts to rotate two patterns in opposite directions.
Designed for use in ellipsoidal spotlights for projected
effects, using B size patterns.

Low voltage motor is mounted on vibration pads which
minimize noise transmission with 20 gauge stainless
steel plates. Motor is offset away from the hot air flow,
and drives two special high temperarture belts to quietly
rotate two gobo rings in opposite directions. Gobo rings
have a groove to receive drive belts around the edges
and a machined recessed groove to hold gobo pattern
and spring steel retaining ring in place. Teflon glides are
placed between gobo rings and between gobo rings
and outer housing to ensure quiet, smooth operation.

The variable speed motor can be controlled by almost
any dimmer and needs no special cables or controller.
Motor is powered by UL approved power transformer.
The unit may be programmed from a standard light
board and controlled as a part of a light cue. Power
requirement: 120VAC or optional 230VAC. Select either
slow speed motor 0.3 to 3.0 rpm, or high speed motor 0.9 to 9.0 rpm.


GAM Twinspin Product Numbers

GAM Twinspin II


GAM Product #TS5574
Rosco Product # 205 6670 50120

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TwinSpin Specifications

GAM Twinspin II


Width: 5.75 in (14 cm)
Height: 10.875 in (27.6 cm)
Depth: 3.625 in (9.2 cm)
Weight: 1.5 lbs (.67 kgs)
Housing: Stainless Steel
Power: 120v AC or 230v AC
12v DC Motor, deraws 300mA
Connector: 2-prong Edison for 120v or 2-prong for 230v in European
Cable: 6 ft. #18 WG
Ring Speed: Slow Speed: 0.3 to 3.0 rpm
Fast Speed: 0.9 to 9.0 rpm
Pattern: B size

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