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The Modern Solution to Creating Versatile High Quality TopLight!

  • Produces beautiful soft light

  • Individual control of multiple lamps

  • High output

  • Uses inexpensive lamps

  • Saves time and money

  • Lightweight and stout

  • Folds flat for storage or shipping

  • Assembles quickly

  • Multiple diffusion/gel frames

  • Available for rental or purchase

  • Hand crafted in Hollywood USA

  • Patent Pending
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"At last, a TOPBOX that's built to last, folds flat and makes a beautiful light. What a great table top rig! I want one for my truck."
- Kevin Kelly, Gaffer-When Harry Met Sally, Jack in the Box.

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"For sitcom use, I get day, night and dusk looks by individually controlling three lamps in the TOPBOX. I love the quality of light I can create with this versatile tool."
- Bruce Finn, Emmy Winning Director of Photography

TOPBOX shown here using ten 1000 watt PAR cans. Mounted 11 feet above the boxing ring produces a soft even 300 f.c. light over the entire area. Multiple mounting holes allow for a 1 x 2 inch wood strip to be fixed to the TOPBOX so that a duvatine skirt may be added to block the spill. The skirt can be black, reflective or diffusing depending upon your choice.

A lightweight foldable diffusion box designed to produce a beautiful top light ideal for tabletop, live action film and video production. The TOPBOX incorporates a 1 5/8" aluminum pipe to mount the lights of your choice. PAR cans can be used to produce a high output soft projected light. GamColor or diffusion can be used in the two frames to tailor your look. Multiple lamps that are controlled independently can create many different looks from a TOPBOX rigged once. The TOPBOX is the modern solution to creating versatile high quality top light.

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Single rugged boxes that use inexpensive lights that performs the job of multiple expensive instruments. I like it!
- Howard Barish, Producer/Owner, Kandoo Films

The TOPBOXes, rigged up against the grid, take up very little real estate and are well out of the way of the sound boom: the light is so soft we get no shadows.
Walter Baker - sitcom sound mixer

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