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SX4® Four-Gobo Tray

  • Excellent choice for display, retail, theatrical or special event applications
  • Slides into SX4® Case mounted in ETC Source Four™
  • Over 600 patterns available off the shelf
  • Custom or any 'B' size pattern
  • Can be DMX operated or used with built-in
    preprogrammed sequences

The SX4® Four-Gobo Tray is designed to fit into the SX4® Case which is attached to an ETC Source Four™ fixed focus ellipsoidal spotlight (see SX4® Case Specifications).

The SX4® has been used on Broadway, in operas, film and television production, special events, retail store displays and anywhere that a special lighting effect is required. It is reliable and efficient with easy to use features including built-in memory sequences that make the Four-Gobo Tray an ideal choice for multi-image projections.


GAM Product #TS6140
Rosco Product #206 3640 00000

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GAMChek Jr. Spec SX4 Four-Gobo Specifications



Width: 11-5/16 in. (28.7 cm.)
Height: 11-1/4 in. (28.5 cm.)
Depth: 3-1/2 in. (8.89 cm.)
Weight: 3 lbs.,5 oz. (1.44 kgs.)
With SX4®Case: 9 lbs.,10 oz. (4.28 kgs.)
Finish: Matte black paint
Power Draw: .3 amp at 120v with our 24 VDC
Transformer TSPS-20

--------------- CAUTION ----------------

When using a DMX device with a discharge lamp such as CDM or an HMI, it's suggested that you separate the power circuit for the discharge lamp from the DMX control device. When using DMX controlled units such as an Indexing TwinSpin™ or SX4® Gobo Changer or DMX Loop Tray, the "noise" from the discharge lamp ballast may cause some interference and or damage the electronics. For best results we recommend providing separate line voltage to the DMX devices and the discharge light fixture.

GAM SX4 Front and Back  View



TS6140 / 206 3640 00000
SX4®, 4B-Gobo Tray DMX (24v PSU not included)
TS6140WHT / 206 3640 10000
SX4® (white), 4B-Gobo Tray DMX (24v PSU not included)
TS6140FS / 206 3641 00000
SX4® + Shutters 4B-Gobo Tray DMX (24v PSU not included)
TS6140FSWHT / 206 3641 10000
SX4®+Shutter wht 4B-Gobo Tray DMX (24v PSU not included)
TS6240 / 206 3645 00000
SX4®, Tray Only - 4B Gobo Changer
TS6240WHT / 206 3645 10000
SX4®, Tray Only (white) - 4B Gobo Changer
ZPTSSX-94 / 206 3646 00000
SX4® 4B-Gobo Turret Wheel (Spare)

Power supply is required in both stand alone and DMX
operation. DMX cable and power cables supplied by others.
Power supply options are as follows:

TSPS-20 / 205 7142 00050

TSPS20 - PSU 50 (no DMX pass-thru)
TSPS-20WHT / 205 7142 10050
TSPS20 (white) - PSU 50 (no DMX pass-thru)
TSPS-80 / 205 7148 00120
TSPS80 - PSU 200 - 120v only
TSPS-82 / 205 7148 20240
TSPS82 - PSU 200 - 230v only



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