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Loop Cloud Effect
SX4® Loop cloud effect, courtesy Kahekili Maui Arts Center


SX4® DMX Loop Tray

  • For theme parks, display & theatrical applications
  • Slides into SX4® Case mounted in ETC Source Four™
  • Over 40 pattern loops available off-the-shelf
  • Custom pattern loops available
  • Integrated speed control and reverse switch -
    Integrated control can be used with a dimmer for
    mastering a group of SX4® units and for control from
    a light board.
  • Pattern loop life span is 4,000 hours of
    continuous use - ideal for theme park and
    retail applications


Wide: 11.31 in. (28.7 cm.)
Height: 11.25 in. (28.5 cm.)
Deep: 3.0625 in. (7.7 cm.)
Weight: 3 lbs.,5 oz. (1.44 kgs.)
With SX4® Case: 9 lbs., 10 oz. (4.28 kgs.)
Finish: Matte black paint
Power Draw: .3 amp at 120v with our 24 VDC transformer TSPS-20



GAM Product #TS6111
Rosco Product #206 36200 0120

Click to view separate spec sheet or download PDF
pdf SX4 DMX Loop Tray Specifications

SX4 DMX Loop Tray

The SX4® DMX Loop Tray is designed to fit into the SX4® Case which is attached to an ETC Source Four™ Fixed Focus Ellipsoidal Spotlight (see SX4® Case Specifications). The Loop Tray will accept a continuous loop pattern. The speed and direction of the loop can be controlled from a DMX signal (by others). A DMX power supply is required. With a large number of off-the-shelf effects using GAM FX/Loops you can quickly create a variety of different projected images. Moving clouds, rain, snow, fire, water ripples, water falls, stars and so much more are as easy as selecting the appropriate FX/Loop from your catalog. The SX4® has been used on Broadway, in operas, film, television, special events, theme parks and retail store displays, anywhere that a special lighting effect is required. Reliable, efficient, long life and easy to use features set the SX4® projection system apart from all other choices.

--------------- CAUTION ----------------

When using a DMX device with a discharge lamp such as CDM or an HMI, it's suggested that you separate the power circuit for the discharge lamp from the DMX control device. When using DMX controlled units such as an Indexing TwinSpin™ or SX4® Gobo Changer or DMX Loop Tray, the "noise" from the discharge lamp ballast may cause some interference and or damage the electronics. For best results we recommend providing separate line voltage to the DMX devices and the discharge light fixture.

SX4 DMX Loop Tray front and back view



TS6111 / 206 36200 0120
SX4®, DMX Loop Tray (24v PSU not incl)
TS6111FS / 206 36210 0120
SX4® + Shutters, DMX Loop Tray (24v PSU not incl)
TS6211 / 206 36250 0000
SX4®, Tray Only - DMX Loop
TS6211WHT / 206 36251 0000
SX4®, Tray Only (white) - DMX Loop
TS6130 / 206 36300 0000
SX4®, Effects Disk Tray DMX (24v PSU not incl)
TS6130WHT / 206 36301 0000
SX4® white Effects Disk Tray DMX (24v PSU not incl)
TS6130FS / 206 36310 0000
SX4®+Shutter Effect Disk Tray DMX (24v PSU not incl)
TS6130FSWHT / 206 36311 0000
SX4®+Shutter wht Effect Disk Tray DMX (24vPSU not incl)

Power supply (order separately) is required in both stand alone
and DMX operation. DMX cable and power cables supplied
by others. Power supply options as follows:

TSPS20 / 205 71420 0050 PSU 50 (no DMX pass-thru)
TSPS20 / 205 71421 0050 White PSU 50 (no DMX pass-thru)
TSPS80 / 205 71480 0120 PSU 200 - 120v only
TSPS82 / 205 71482 0240 PSU 200 - 230v only

SX4 DMX Loop Tray -bottom view

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