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  1. You will need one Phillips Screwdriver.
    (Go get it. We'll wait here).

  2. Place your completely assembled ETC Source IV in front of you. Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the Barrel Rotation Knob and the Retainer Bolt from the Barrel Assembly. These two pieces are located roughly in the middle of the instrument, on the top and bottom, just between the shutters and the yoke. Place the Barrel Rotation Knob and the Retainer Bolt in a secure place that you'll remember. You will need them again in just a moment.

  3. Rotate the Barrel so that it disengages and comes away from the lamp housing. You should now have two separate pieces. Completely unscrew the Beam Focus Knob and remove it from the Barrel Assembly. Slide your Lens Tube out of the Barrel and place the Barrel Focus Knob inside the Lens Tube for safekeeping. Place your now empty Barrel on a storage shelf and say goodbye for now. You will not need it again until you are finished using your SX4®.

GAM Product #TS6100
Rosco Product #206 36100 0120

Click to view separate SX4® Installation Instructions or download PDF
SX4® Installation Instructions
  1. Place your SX4®, Barrel side down, on the table. Place the top of your ETC Source IV over the SX4® and gently rotate until the two pieces engage. As you do this, make sure you have it adjusted for the angle you wish to project with our effect unit. (Either 90° or straight on, depending on the loop design and/or your hang position)

  2. Replace your Barrel Rotation Knob and your Retainer Bolt into the appropriate fittings. If you are using the SX4® unit in the standard, "straight on" position, you will find it necessary to place the Retainer Bolt on the bottom of the unit, where the Barrel Rotation Knob would normally attach. This is because the fan housing on the SX4® and the larger Barrel Rotation Knob impede each other.

  3. Tighten down both bolts to secure the SX4® housing into the Reflector Housing. Slide the Lens Tube into the Barrel of the SX4® and secure it with the Beam Focus Knob. (Told you not to misplace it!) Now your SX4® effect projector is ready to be placed in its hanging position.

  4. When you have finished using the SX4®, it can be
    removed from the Source IV Reflector Housing, and the Source Four can be reassembled, using the above steps again.

SX4 Installation

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