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FX/Loops for the SX4® Loop Tray. All of the designs shown here can be used in the Loop Tray.
Not all designs can be used in the Film/FX Machine.
See Film/FX page for FX/Loops that will work in the Film/FX Machine.

See the SX4® FX loops in action
click here.

Fluffy Cloud - TSLGAM-1

Moving Breakup - TSLGAM-25

Fire/Waves - TSLGAM-2

Falling Leaves-L - TSLGAM-26

Streaky Cloud - TSLGAM-3

Musical Notes - TSLGAM-27

Rain - TSLGAM-4

Evening Stars - TSLGAM-28

Snow - TSLGAM-5

Soft Dots - TSLGAM-29

Snow-M - TSLGAM-5+

Falling Leaves-S - TSLGAM-30

Small Dots - TSLGAM-6

Space - TSLGAM-31

Construction - TSLGAM-7

Train Tracks - TSLGAM-32

Vertical Cloud - TSLGAM-8

Road Lines - TSLGAM-33

Ripple-L - TSLGAM-9

Moving Trees - TSLGAM-34

Foliage - TSLGAM-10

Thin Clouds - TSLGAM-36

Heavy Rain - TSLGAM-11

Birds - TSLGAM-38

Ripple Small - TSLGAM-12

Telephone Poles - TSLGAM-39

Arching Branches - TSLGAM-13

Small Fish - TSLGAM-40

Waterfall - TSLGAM-14

City Skyline - TSLGAM-41

Clouds - TSLGAM-15

Angels - TSLGAM-42

Fish - TSLGAM-16

Waterfall - TSLGAM-43

Fairytale Snow - TSLGAM-17

Jellyfish - TSLGAM-44

Stars - TSLGAM-18

Confetti - TSLGAM-46

Bats - TSLGAM-19

Water Reflections - TSLGAM-47

Shutters - TSLGAM-21

Heavy Snow - TSLGAM-49

Ghosts - TSLGAM-22

Sharks - TSLGAM-52

Diamonds - TSLGAM-23

Rock Wall - TSLGAM-53

Hearts - TSLGAM-24

Moving Train - TSLGAM-54



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Item NumberDescriptionSize
TSLGAM-1Fluffly CloudLoop Series
TSLGAM-2Fire/WavesLoop Series
TSLGAM-3Streaky CloudLoop Series
TSLGAM-4RainLoop Series
TSLGAM-5SnowLoop Series
TSLGAM-5+Snow-MLoop Series
TSLGAM-6Small DotsLoop Series
TSLGAM-7ConstructionLoop Series
TSLGAM-8Vertical CloudLoop Series
TSLGAM-9Ripple-LLoop Series
TSLGAM-10FoliageLoop Series
TSLGAM-11Heavy RainLoop Series
TSLGAM-12Ripple SmallLoop Series
TSLGAM-13Arching BranchesLoop Series
TSLGAM-14WaterfallLoop Series
TSLGAM-15CloudsLoop Series
TSLGAM-16FishLoop Series
TSLGAM-17Fairytale SnowLoop Series
TSLGAM-18StarsLoop Series
TSLGAM-19BatsLoop Series
TSLGAM-21ShutterLoop Series
TSLGAM-22GhostsLoop Series
TSLGAM-23DiamondsLoop Series
TSLGAM-24HeartsLoop Series
TSLGAM-25Moving BreakupLoop Series
TSLGAM-26Falling Leaves-LLoop Series
TSLGAM-27Musical NotesLoop Series
TSLGAM-28Evening StarsLoop Series
TSLGAM-29Soft DotsLoop Series
TSLGAM-30Falling Leaves-SLoop Series
TSLGAM-31SpaceLoop Series
TSLGAM-32Train TracksLoop Series
TSLGAM-33Road LinesLoop Series
TSLGAM-34Moving TreesLoop Series
TSLGAM-36Thin CloudsLoop Series
TSLGAM-38BirdsLoop Series
TSLGAM-39Telephone PolesLoop Series
TSLGAM-40Small FishLoop Series
TSLGAM-41City SkylineLoop Series
TSLGAM-42AngelsLoop Series
TSLGAM-43WaterfallLoop Series
TSLGAM-44JellyfishLoop Series
TSLGAM-46ConfettiLoop Series
TSLGAM-47Water ReflectionsLoop Series
TSLGAM-49Heavy SnowLoop Series
TSLGAM-52SharksLoop Series
TSLGAM-53Rock WallLoop Series
TSLGAM-54Moving TrainLoop Series

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