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Flashy, attention getting curtain strobe can be used to create depth and excitement for your concert or special event. Hang it from its power cord in the folds of a black drape and it disappears until it starts to flash, creating an instant sense of excitement. A great way to provoke a standing ovation! Use it behind the scrim where it dazzles, around the proscenium or a bandstand for eye catching glitter. Consider the remote control programmable model for even more elaborate schemes.

Each StarStrobe™ head has two Xenon lamps for a super bright flash. Frequency or speed of flash of the GAM StarStrobe™ can be varied by using almost any dimmer to vary the voltage input, which will not affect the brightness but simply slow down the frequency of the StarStrobe™.

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Tight space? Consider the Double Head StarStrobe™ which provides four Xenon lamps, 2 at each end, in a housing not much bigger than the standard StarStrobe™. The single StarStrobe™ and the Double Head StarStrobe™ are available in remote control programmable models.

The remote control model of the StarStrobes™ has an additional pair of control wires and a built-in relay. Using a control signal that can vary anywhere from 6 to 24 Volts DC, you may trigger and stop the StarStrobe™ in a pre-programmed sequence creating a chase and other elaborate strobing effects: (See GAM’s GLC-12 for a 12 channel, 12 DC chase signal.)

  • Double Xenon lamp provides super bright flash
  • 60 Random flashes per minute
  • Rugged molded black housing
  • One-piece molded lens cap
  • Reliable, solid state circuitry
  • Run up to 50 or more StarStrobes™ on a single 20 amp circuit
  • Speed control using an AC dimmer to vary the flash rate
  • Remote control programmable StarStrobe™ option


A super bright, FOUR lamp, double ended curtain strobe in a rugged molded body with 8 foot power cord. Strobes at a random rate of approximately 60 flashes per minute. Speed may be varied by plugging unit into a dimmer. Self-contained, reliable, solid state circuitry.

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The housing is made from a single molded opaque black polyethylene body and two clear injection-molded UVEX covers (cap); there are no glued parts permitted. At 120V draws approximately 0.62 amps @ 74 watts.

Solid state circuitry on a double circuit board holds 2 pair of 4 watt seconds strobe lamps for rugged and dependable operation. Lamps have an estimated five million flash cycle life. Unit operates from any 120 volt AC circuit. Plugged into a conventional dimmer (solid state or auto transformer) the random strobe flash rate can be varied. The unit is supplied with a black 8 foot, 18 AWG flat AC line cord with strain relief, and a two prong polarized Edison connector. The frequency of the flash of any GAM Star Strobe can be varied by using most dimmers. As the voltage is lowered, the flash rate slows. The intensity of each flash is always at maximum.


This model allows you to program and control the flash sequence. A pair of control wires are supplied with each unit. A control signal which can be anywhere between 6 to 24V AC or DC can be used to trigger the unit.

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