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Please see TwinSpin™:


SoloSpin, a great choice when you only need to rotate one glass or steel gobo in your ellipsoidal spotlight!

The GAM SoloSpin is designed to rotate one glass or metal gobo pattern at a time. Made for use in the ETC Source IV, Altman Shakespeare and the Strand SL ellipsoidal spotlights, the new SoloSpin operates at 110 volts and is an ideal choice for display applications where long and durable performance is required.

SoloSpin is easy to operate. Just mount the glass or metal gobo in the pattern ring holder using the spring clip retainer, then slide the SoloSpin into the drop-in-Iris slot of your ellipsoidal spotlight. The unit will operate at 3 RPM's and will enable you to create spectacular moving effects. Use the SoloSpin with a fixed pattern in the pattern slot to get the added excitement of flickering motion.

GAMPRODUCTS, INC. is pleased to announce a new family of indexing Pattern Rotators using a DMX signal to control the position and speed of your pattern. The new family of indexing rotators is offered in two models:

  • TwinSpin to rotate two patterns in opposite directions using one drive.
  • Dual Motor TwinSpin to rotate two patterns with separate controls over speed and position.

Choose the appropriate GAM indexing rotator for your requirement and use your DMX control console to position and vary the speed of the pattern. There is a two unit power supply available or use any of the 24 volt DC power supplies that you are currently using to drive your color changers. Designing the new GAM indexing pattern rotators to be compatible with existing color changer power supplies makes them easier to use, more economical and more versatile. However if you do not already have a power supply on hand, GAM offers a 120/230 volt double unit power supply as well as an 8 unit power supply.

GAMPRODUCTS, INC. offers the most comprehensive family of pattern rotators available in more sizes and with more control options to meet your every need. Listed below are the 13 types of SoloSpin and TwinSpin rotators. All the pattern rotators feature GAM's ultra quiet belt driven design to ensure silent, reliable and simple operation.

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