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Liquid Wheel
Effects Plus Sampler

Liquid Wheel Logo
Create fantastic effects with the Liquid Wheel designed to be used with the Spiral Machine of the GAM Scene Machine.

The Liquid Wheel creates splendid color effects similar to the spectacular 60's light shows.

Each high temperature Liquid Wheel is approximately 6 inches in diameter and can be easily mounted in the ESM Spiral Machine. (Works with all Scene Machines).

When rotated, the Liquid Wheel creates varigated multi-colored effects. The high temperature formulation stands up to thermal breakdown. The liquid color is suspended in two separate planes.

Twelve different color combinations allow you to create an endless variety of psychedelic effects.

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Liquid Wheel
LW-6A Blue/Orange(+Gr/Yel)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6B Green/Red (+Blu/Yel)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6C Orange (+Blu/Gr/Yel)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6D Orange (+Blue/Gr/Yel/Pink)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6E Yellow/Orange (+Blu/Gr)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6F Blue/Orange (+Yel/Pink)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6G Blue/Red (+Orange/Pink)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6H Blue/Pink
Liquid Wheel
LW-6J Blue/Red (+Yellow)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6K Yellow/Orange (+Red)
Liquid Wheel
LW-6M Blue/Green
Liquid Wheel
LW-6N Red/Pink (+Orange)

Catalog # Dominant Color Subordinate Color
LW-6A Blue/Orange Green/Yellow
LW-6B Green/Red Blue/Yellow
LW-6C Orange Blue/Green/Yellow
LW-6D Orange Blue/Green/Yellow/Pink
LW-6E Yellow/Orange Blue/Green
LW-6F Blue/Orange Yellow/Pink
LW-6G Blue/Red Orange/Pink
LW-6H Blue/Pink -
LW-6J Blue/Red Yellow
LW-6K Yellow/Orange Red
LW-6M Blue/Green -
LW-6N Red/Pink Orange
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