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The new 2.5 K Scene Machine is so efficient that it outperforms existing 4000W HMI projectors. It is incredibly compact and easy to handle.

Engineered to be brighter, lighter, compact and affordable, the projector head weighs only 42 lbs. (19.3 kilos). It can be used with all the new DMX controlled accessories as well as the older conventional accessories.

Innovative high resolution lenses, including the newest 3.5 inch focal length lens with a +60° beam spread, are now available. These high resolution achromatic aspheric lenses are state-of-the-art and must be seen to be appreciated.

The GAM Scene Machine projector is designed as a modular system. Select Effects Machines, lenses and accessories to create the myriad special effects available. Whether it is a simple long range slide projection or a complex rotating psychedelic effect, the GAM Scene Machine can do it all!

DMX 512 control allows you to run all effects from your lighting control console. Simply turn the power supply on/off, vary the speed or direction of an effect, or control the dowser for a smooth dim, it is all as easy as a light cue.

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2.5K Machine
The 2.5K GAM HMI Scene Machine with DMX Control

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DMX Control Panel
The DMX Control Panel


The Incandescent GAM Scene Machine

You can project all of these effects with one basic unit with a throw of 10 to 200 feet. The Scene Machine will hang in any position and can be installed permanently or moved anywhere you need it. All parts and Effects Machines are changed or installed without tools.

The Scene Machines are modular projection systems, designed for professional use, but simple enough for use at a high school stage. With interchangeable parts, you can project moving and still effects from one unit.

Built around the projector head, the various Effects Machines slide onto the head and lock securely without the use of tools. Lenses slide and lock onto the Effects Machines in the same manner. All accessories are lock-mounted onto the machines by hand, and once seated require no tightening or clamps.

GAM has a video available which demonstrates the Scene Machine and many of the available effects.

Many of the available accessories are shown on the right, a complete list is available from GAM.

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2K Machine
The 2K Scene Machine

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1K Machine
The 1K Scene Machine

Scene Parts Scene Parts Scene Parts Scene Parts

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