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Water | Fire | Stylized

The front-of-lens double-disc rotator animates projected patterns and turns fresnels and PARs into effects lights. Create rain, fire, twinkling stars and much more.

Variable Speed Double Disc Drive rotates one or two effects discs (GAD) in oposing directions. Mix and match from 8 GAD discs to vary the effect. Used on an ellipsoidal with a pattern in the gate, the projected image becomes kinetic. The unit mounts in gel frame of an ellipsoidal, Fresnel or PAR can. Mounting brackets are available in 6.25, 7.5, 9 and 10 inch sizes to fit your fixture. Plug into a dimmer such as the SPE-6 to reduce or vary speed (see pg.22). GamColor can be taped to front of the outer GAD disc for multi-color effects.

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