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From impressive realistic to hypnotic abstract effects, this modular projection system does it all. Create crawling clouds, blazing fires, a room full of lava lamps. Project large slides and patterns.

GAM Spin/FX GAM Scene Machine is a modular system with different types of Effects Machines. The ESC Slide Carrier holds 4X5 slides and patterns, the ESM Spiral Machine rotates one or two 6-inch round patterns. The EFM/R Film Machine runs an endless loop, and the EDM Disc Machine rotates an 18-inch disc. The Disc Machine also doubles as a remote-controlled slide turret, holding five 4X5 slides or patterns.

Effect patterns are made of high-temperature glass, polyester or metal. The following recipes are basic guidelines. Add a lens of choice and adjust focus, speed and direction until desired effect is achieved.

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