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  Prismo PRISMO
PRISMO™ animates your still pattern and it multiplies
the image either three or five times depending upon
your prism choice.

Still Patterns   Still Patterns
Paint a picture with light. Project patterns in your ellipsoidal and add GamColor to complete the effect. Combine patterns in one fixture, or use several fixtures to compose a scene.
 TwinSpin TwinSpin
Bring your patterns alive with this variable speed, double pattern rotator. Create realistic moving water, fire, dynamic abstracts, twinkles and ripples.
Flicker master   Flickermaster spe-6
Simply connect the SPE-6 to your lights and they can stimulate almost anything that flickers or strobes: fire, lightning, motel signs, etc. Use also as a portable 2K dimmer.
From impressive realistic to hypnotic abstract effects, this modular projection system does it all. Create crawling clouds, blazing fires, a room full of lava lamps. Project large slides and patterns.
Designed to be a companion to GAM's original TwinSpin, GAM Film/FX adds a continuous loop motion as opposed to the double rotation of the TwinSpin. GAM Film/FX provides a much needed additional range of special effects possibilities.

GAM's SX4 converts the ETC Source IV into a special effects projector which is compact, versatile and economical. Optically so efficient that this 575 incandescent matches a 2000 watt and the 575 watt HMI GAM version compares to a 2500 watt projector.

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