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Denver Center Theatre Company

Lighting Designer Charles R. MacLeod was asked to "create the feeling of being inside a shaken snow globe" for RECKLESS directed by Scott Schwartz. The production by the Denver Center Theatre Company was done in the round and the effect included the audience. The "Snow Globe effect" was created using 5 facet Prismo™ units on GAM's 575W Metal Halide Inno-Four™ lights (modified ETC Source 4) and GAM Pattern #746 Lotsadots... The result, awesome.
Pentagon Spin #900 50° Lens Radial Lines #235 with TwinSpin™ 50° Lens Film/FX Loop #2 50° Lens Rose Window #376 with TwinSpin™ 50° Lens Pinwheel #664 with TwinSpin™ 26° Lens Custom Pattern with TwinSpin™ 50° Lens
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