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Hillside Blossoms
The GAM GOBO is an important tool for every lighting project and can be used in many ways. Patterns create 'background looks' when projected on scenery, on walls, floors, or on a cyclorama. Patterns can 'break up' the light used to illuminate people. Some patterns can create positive (light) designs, while other patterns are used to create negative (shadow) designs. Patterns can be used as an animation device, to create the illusion of fire, water, twinkling stars and much more. The Great American Pattern will enhance your creativity and has limitless applications. Standard patterns may be cut with scissors to fit almost any pattern holder. The Great American Market maintains over 100,000 patterns in stock at all times ready-to-ship the same day or next at no extra charge.

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Item NumberDescriptionSize
PR1050Glass Pattern Adapter3in. (76mm)
PR1052Glass Pattern Adapter3 3/8in. (79mm)
PR1054Glass Pattern AdapterD to M for Jr
PR1059Adapter 'V' to MAC 500 & PRO 918 NO LISTING YETn/a


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