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Please see TwinSpin™:

GAM introduces a new family of MiniSpin pattern rotators for use in compact architectural fixtures. MiniSpin is offered in several versions to meet your applications special needs.

From the SoloSpin which rotates one pattern, to the TwinSpin dual pattern rotator and a variety of variable or fixed speed designs, GAM offers more choices to meet your needs and ensure project success.

Every GAM pattern rotator features the high temperature belt driven design that ensures quiet operation. GAM has built and delivered thousands of pattern rotators for use in a wide variety of applications from theatrical to retail display. Continuous reliable performance, ease of operation and dependability are built into every GAM pattern rotator.

Careful selection of durable, long life motors and the use of stainless steel in the housing ensures a long life and reliable performance in demanding continuous use situations.

  • MiniSpin Solo - Plug it in and rotate one pattern at a fixed speed.
  • MiniSpin TwinSpin - Two patterns rotate in opposite directions. At the flip of a switch select any of 6 speeds.
  • MiniSpin TwinSpin Variable Speed - Plug it into any dimmer and vary the speed.
  • MiniSpin TwinSpin with In-line Speed Control.
  • MiniSpin with DMX control (with auxiliary power supply).





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