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  • 1535 Unit (15° - 35° Zoom Focus)
  • 3055 Unit (30° - 55° Zoom Focus)
  • 70w & 150w Long Life CDM Lamp
  • Available with GAM Moving Effects Accessories
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The GAM GOES Ellipsoidal Spotlight is a full function, affordable outdoor ellipsoidal spotlight with 15° - 35° zoom or 30° - 55° focus, framing shutters, glass/steel pattern projection capabilities; internal/external accessory mounting options for color media, louver, donut, scroller or dowser.

The GOES removable lid allows for maximum accessibility during installation and for lamp and lens adjustments. Two stainless steel safety cables hold the lid securely when the fixture is opened. The lid is secured to the body with four side-mount link-lock latches that provide a water-tight seal. Padlocks of appropriate size can be added for security

The GAM GOES provides a number of innovative features, enhancing versatility and efficiency without sacrificing performance. The highly polished reflector is engineered for use with 70, or 150 watt G12 ceramic-discharge metal halide (CDM) lamps and provides for maximum light output. The lens focus is modified by means of Teflon®guides that are simple to adjust throughout the focusing range. Focus is secured by way of brass thumb screws. The instrument comes complete with pattern holder. Options include DMX controlled dimmer shutter, color changer, GOES TwinSpin™, and GOES Film/FX™.


  • Compact, rugged welded aluminum fabrication
  • Low-friction Teflon® lens glides
  • Utilizes 12,000 hour CDM lamp with high color rendering index
  • Low-noise, high-efficiency electronic ballast
  • Easily adjustable Type 321-gauge stainless steel shutters
  • Accessory slot accepts metal/glass pattern holder (optional).
  • Easy operating lamp centering knob and peak or flat field adjustment knob
  • U.L. and C.U.L. listed for wet locations
  • 15-35° zoom
  • 30-55° zoom
  • Made in the USA

External Housing

  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Link-Lock latches for security
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Cable entry glands and mounting holes located on bottom of enclosure

Optional Accessories, DMX Controlled

  • Dimmer shutter
  • GOES TwinSpin™ double pattern rotator

Lid on Lid Off

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& Lamp Information
  • Weather-tight Outdoor Spotlight
  • 70w & 150w Long Life CDM Lamp


Materials: Construction employs all corrosion-resistant materials and hardware.
Head: Welded aluminum fabrication.
Rating: 120 volt AC operation;50/60Hz:

  • 0.58 amps with 70W lamp and 70W ballast

  • 1.25 amps with 150W lamp and 150W ballast

  • 240 and 277 VAC units are available

Lamp/Socket: 70W or 150W UV Block G12 Ceramic Metal Halide lamp. 5kV pulse rated socket.
Lamp Alignment: Fully adjustable in 3 axis with the use of two heat resistant concentric knobs.
Lens: Crown Glass (white plate) with anti-reflector coated surfaces.
Reflector: Specular aluminum.
Focusing: Lens movement contained within body, adjustable with brass thumb screws.
Weight: Approx. 35 lbs. (15.9 Kg).
Accessories: Internal accessory slot accepts color filters or glass filters. External accessory slot accepts 7 accessories.
Optional Internal Accessories: Dimmer shutter, GOES Color Changer, GOES TwinSpin™ Double Pattern Rotator.

Specifications (External Housing)

Construction: 1/8" heavy-gauge aluminum construction (body and lid).
Viewing Window: Glass, 0.25-inch (6.3 mm) thick, 6 1/4"(15.9 cm) diameter.

Lid on Lid Off


GOES-MDWM Medium duty wall mount.
Max. load 4o lbs. (18.1 kg.)
GOES-PMA Pole mount adapter for GOES-MDWM.
Minimum pole diameter 1.5" (38 cm).
Stainless steel straps supplied.
Strap length:(28.5'72.39cm)
70CDMT6/830 70 Watt CDM Lamp 3000K-12,000 Hr.
70CDMT6/942 70 Watt CDM Lamp 4000K-12,000 Hr.
150CDMT6/830 150 Watt CDM Lamp 3000K-12,000 Hr.
150CDMT6/942 150 Watt CDM Lamp 4000K-6,000 Hr.
150CDMSA/942 150 Watt CDM Lamp 4200K-5,000 Hr., Short Arc Burn

DMX Controlled Accessories
TS5292 Shutter Dimmer
TS5222 GOES TwinSpin™, Non-Indexing
TS5278 GOES TwinSpin™, Indexing
TSPS-120 Dual Power Supply for DMX Control

Teflon® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

GOES 1535 - GOES 3055
Lamp Data
Item NumberDescriptionSize
GOES 1535Outdoor Ellipsoidal Spotlight 15º/35º Zoomn/a
GOES 3055Outdoor Ellipsoidal Spotlight 30º/50º Zoomn/a
GOES-WMWall Mount w Threaded Bracketn/a
GOES-PMPole Mount (Requires Wall Mount Above)n/a
TS-5292(GOES)Internal Shutter Dimmern/a
TS-5222(GOES)Internal TwinSpin, Non-Indexingn/a
TS-5278(GOES)Internal TwinSpin, Indexingn/a
TSPS-230Dual Power Supply, DMX Control (90-230 Volt)n/a
TSPS-230Dual Power Supply, DMX Controlled 230 Voltn/a
ZPTSGOES1015 Power Transformer (Spare Part)n/a
TSCDM70T6830CDM, 70W LAMP (CCT 3000K)n/a
TSCDM70T6942CDM, 70W LAMP (CCT 4000K)n/a
TSCDM15T6830CDM, 150W LAMP (CCT 3000K)n/a
TSCDM15T6942CDM, 150W LAMP (CCT 4000K)n/a
TSCDM15SA942CDM, 150W LAMP (CCT 4200K)n/a

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