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GAM Go-Lite


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GAM GO-LITE Instructions

GAM Go-Lite


GO-LITE™ Cube can be mounted by either nailing, screwing, using velcro, or using gaffer tape to secure the units in place. Each GO-LITE™ cube is supplied with two RJ-25 sockets marked "IN" and "OUT". It's important when you are stringing these units in a series that the connections go from the RJ-25 socket of the Manual Controller marked "A" to the RJ-25 socket of the GO-LITE™ cube marked "IN". As you continue to wire the series you need to go from the "OUT" RJ-25 socket of the GO-LITE™ cube to the "IN" of the next unit in the series.

If you accidentally reverse the GO-LITE™ cube connection, that unit will not respond correctly as well as the entire GO-LITE™ SYSTEM. Connection between units requires a six-wire telephone cable with RJ-11 6P6C.
(CAUTION: This is the same 6-pin connector used in household telephones but household telephone cable only has four wires and will not work.) You must use the multiple phone connector wire often used in office spaces. These have all 6 of the connections completed and therefore are 6-pin and 6-wire configurations.

The GAM GO-LITE™ Manual Controller is supplied with a 90 to 230VAC to 12 volt DC Power Supply. Plug the 2.1 MMDC connector to the 12 volt DC outlet on the Manual Controller and then plug the Power Supply into 120 or 230 volt AC outlet. Be sure that all the switches are in the "Off" position. None of the LED display lights should be lit at this point, however the green power indicator light just above the 12 volt DC connection should light to show that you have power.

CAUTION: If red and blue indicator lights come on when all switches are in "Off" position, one or more of the GO-LITE™ cubes are incorrectly connected. In addition to the two lights on the Controller, the blue LEDs of each incorrectly wired cube lights. This will quickly identify which cube is miswired. (CAUTION - Do not leave the Power Supply on for long periods of time with incorrectly wired cubes, damage may occur).


The GAM GO-LITE™ Manual Controller has four "On"/"Off" switches to control each of the LEDs, white, red, blue and green, in that sequence. Any one or combination of LEDs can be turned "On" or "Off" with these switches. The color LED you have selected is shown by the indicator light mounted above the switch. To the left side is a panel with mounted receptacles and a green power indicator LED. The receptacle marked "12 volt DC" is for the power transformer (90 to 230 volt input - 12VCD output). The receptacle accepts a 2.1 MM DC connector. There is also a power indicator LED to let you know when the unit has power and there are two RJ-25 sockets, marked "A" and "B". Start by using the "A" socket of the Manual Controller and wiring to the first GO-LITE™ cube's "IN" receptacle. Continue to wire a series by connecting the "OUT" to the "IN" of the next GO-LITE™ cube in your series.

The Manual Controller with Flash Option works the same as above. In the upper right hand corner there is a switch to select
flash or continuous light. When you flip the switch to the flash mode, the white, red, blue or green circuits will flash. If it’s in
the off mode, then the light will stay on constantly when selected. The flash selector switch applies to all four circuits. The
remote relay will also flash when you set switch to flash mode. The flash rate is set at approximately one second intervals. The flash rate can be altered if required.

The RJ-25 "B" receptacle has two possible applications:

Alternate 1. You could run a second string of GAM GO-LITE™ cubes from the "B" connector to the "OUT" connector reversing
the wiring sequence described above. Both lines would be operating when you select any of the LEDs and the color
selection would be the same on both lines of the GO-LITES.™

Alternate 2. It is possible that you have strung a series of GAM GO-LITE™ cubes starting at stage right and terminating at stage left. You could unplug the Manual Controller, stage right from the "A" terminal, move it to the ending point of the series stage left and plug the last cube’s "OUT" receptacle into the Manual Controller’s "B" receptacle. Now you can operate the same string of LEDs from stage left.

Alternate 3: Using two manual Controllers in a single string, one at stage left and one at stage right.



CAUTION: Only power one Controller. Power to both controllers will damage the GO-LITE™ System.


GAM GO Lite Remote Relay


The GAM Remote Relay can be controlled from any GO-LITE™ Controller unit. On the face of the Relay unit you will
see two RJ-25 receptacles marked "IN" and "OUT". Run Control cable from the "A" receptacle of your control unit to
the "IN" receptacle of the Remote Relay. If you are using the Remote Relay in a sequence with the GO-LITE™ cubes,
then the connection will be made from the "OUT" terminal of the cube to the "IN" receptacle on the Relay. The control
connection is 6-wire telephone cable with RJ-11, 6-pin connectors. When controller is connected and powered, the
green LED marked "Control" will light. (See Manual Controller Instructions).


There are two pigtails marked "Power In" and "Power Out" (Remote Relay is available with a variety of connectors or
bare wires so connection type will vary.) Bring the appropriate power to the "Power In" connection. Maximum load will
depend on your Remote Relay selection which can be:

  • 120 VAC 20 Amps Max Load 2,400 watts
  • 120 VAC 40 Amps Max Load 4,000 watts
  • 230 VAC 20 Amps Max Load 4,000 watts
  • 120 VDC 20 Amps Max Load 2,400 watts
  • 120 VDC 40 Amps Max Load 4,000 watts
  • 230 VDC 20 Amps Max Load 4,000 watts

The connection marked "Power Out" is used to connect to the device you intend to be switching on and off. When you
have connected load power to the Remote Relay, the large red neon indicator light will glow. When the Remote Relay
is activated (closed) the red LED marked "On" will light.


To select which channel (white, red, blue or green) will activate the relay, use the knob in the upper right-hand corner with the markings "Off, W, R, B, G, Test." When the switch is in the "OFF" position, the Relay will not operate. You can also move it to the "TEST" position to activate the Relay, however you must have a control signal (Green LED on). You can select one of the colored channels, W, R, B or G that you wish to activate the Remote Relay. You may have several Relays responding to the same channel or you may have four different Relays on four different channels if you wish. When the appropriate GAM Control channel is activated, the Red LED will glow to indicate Relay is closed.


The backplate of the unit has a half inch hole for a C-Clamp should you wish to pipe-mount it. There are also additional quarter inch holes for securing it to a flat surface or for a safety cable.

GO LITE Manual Controller