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GAM Go-Lite DMX Controller GAM Go-Lite DMX Controller



The LQ-1312 GO-LITE™ Controller decodes a multiplexed control signal into a DC voltage to drive GO-LITES™
from any controller which is compatible with DMX-512 control. Each unit decodes 48 channels and the starting
channel may be set to any channel, 1 to 512. The LQ-1312 is factory set to start on channel #1. The control output
voltage is set for 12V.

GAM LQ-1312

If you accidentally reverse the GO-LITE™ cube connection, that unit will not respond correctly as well as the entire GO-LITE™ SYSTEM. Connection between units requires a six-wire telephone cable with RJ-11 6P6C.
(CAUTION: This is the same 6-pin connector used in household telephones but household telephone cable only has four wires and will not work.) You must use the multiple phone connector wire often used in office spaces. These have all 6 of the connections completed and therefore are 6-pin and 6-wire configurations.



The LQ-1312 can operate at either 120V or 240V. The circuit card is factory set for 120VAC 50/60Hz power input;
move the line voltage select jumper at J23 to set the line voltage for 240V. (You will need to remove top cover to
make this change.) See figures A, B & C.

GAM LQ-1312 inside

The DMX input is made at the male XLR connector. The signal loops through on the female connector. Always use the loop through connectors to link equipment in series; do not split the DMX signal without one of the specialty interfaces for this purpose.

GAM Go-Lite DMX ControllerConnector pin designations are shown in the diagram to the right; pins 4 and 5 are "passed through" with no connection made to these pins.



The LQ-1312 is factory set for 12V output and to start on channel #1. There are (12) RJ-25 output connectors for 12 strings of 4 channel each to run the GO-LITES™.

The starting channel is selected through a pushbutton switch on the front panel. Valid starting channels range from 001 to 512. Whatever starting channel you choose the rest will be sequenced. For example, if you start with 001, the channels will be set to 1 through 48.

Setting the channel thumbwheel to 601 turns output 1 on full and remaining outputs off. 602 turns on output 2 while all others are off. This continues through 648.

GAM GO-Lite DMX Controller rear view

The most common cause of trouble is a miswired connection. The pin configuration for the multiplex connector is most important: the board will not work at all if any of the wires are not on the correct pin, and the Signal Present LED will glow red only. A green LED indicates DMX signal is present.

CAUTION: If there is more than one DMX device in the system, check that only the last device in the
system has termination enabled.


If the LQ-1312 is the last DMX device in the series. You will need to remove top cover to make this change and set termination switch S1-1 to 'on'. See Figure D

Wire your GO-LITE™ strings as shown in the separate GO-LITE™ Instructions starting with the GO-LITE™ DMX Controller's output connectors marked 1 through 12 to the connector marked "IN" on the GO-LITE™. ( Click here to see separate GO-LITE™ instructions)

To turn on a channel, set that channel to 50% or more from your central control board.

  • 0 to 49% = OFF, 50 to 100% = ON


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