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GAM GoLite Remote Relay

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GAM GO-Lite Remote Relay

GAM GoLite Indicator Lights

  • Remote controller relay for loads up to 4000 watts, 120/230 VAC, DC models also available

  • Rugged inclosure can be pipe hung using C-Clamp or wall mounted

  • Load Power Input and Output through 12 inch pigtails with choice of male and female connectors

  • Low voltage control from the GAM GO-LITE™ Controller

  • Control one or multiple relays individually or in groups

  • Use independent or in conjunction with GO-LITE™ Cubes

How it works:

Connect the Remote Relay to your choice of power input. This connection is made through the 12 inch pigtails extending from the side of the Remote Relay enclosure. You may select a unit with bare wires or with specific connectors such as Edison, Stage Pin, Twist Lock, etc. Low voltage 6-wire telephone cable goes from the GO-LITE™ Controller RJ-25 receptacle marked "A" to receptacle marked "IN" on the Relay Box.

You can also use GAM GO-LITE™ cubes anywhere in the sequence should you wish to use the Remote Relay with the cueing lights in the same loop. Using the control switch located in the upper right hand corner of the Relay Box, select one of the color channels; white, red, blue or green to address the Relay. The switch also has an "Off" position and a "Test" position which enables you to switch the relay off so it will not respond to a signal or to test the relay to see if it is working.

GO-Lite Manual Controller

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