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GAM Go-Lite DMX Controller
  • Optimize system performance and cue timing
    from your show controller
  • Can be set to operate at 120V or 240V
  • Control 12 different strings of GO-LITE™
    cubes independently or collectively
  • Easy to integrate into automated DMX systems

The LQ-1312 GO-LITE™ Controller decodes a multiplexed control signal into a DC voltage to drive GO-LITES™ from any controller which is compatible with DMX-512 control. Each unit decodes 48 channels and the starting channel may be set
to any channel, 1 to 512. The LQ-1312 is factory set to start on channel #1. The control output voltage is set for 12V.

GAM Go-Lite DMX Controller front view

GAM Go-Lite DMX Controller back view


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