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Protect your rare and precious documents, photographs, paintings, and fabrics from the destructive effects of ultraviolet light.

High levels of UV light from fluorescents and sunlight can be filtered out. GamColor© offers a clear, colorless polyester material which blocks out 97% of the ultraviolet radiation in the wavelength band from 290 to 400 nanometers. High energy radiation in this segment of the electro magnetic spectrum can be most harmful to paper, paintings, parchment, dyes and pigments of all kinds.

GAM UV protective material has been approved by ANSI for the protection of stored or displayed photographs.

UV Sheets   UV Rolls
UV Sheets (20 x 24in.) for smaller areas.   UV Rolls for larger projects
‘Clear’ UV filter allows 90% light transmission

GAM Tube UV - (100 inch) easily slides over T-12 flourescent tubes
GAM UV Sheets - 20 x24 inch sheets for small cases or protective sleeves
GAM UV Rolls - 24 inch x 50 foot or 48 inch x 25 foot rolls for large projects-
also available ih the new Junior rolls: 24 inch x 198 inch.



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