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Durable Color Sleeve Filter for Fluorescents

•  Available in Any Size & 160 GamColors®
•  Genuine GamColor® Filters
•  Installs Quickly and Easily
•  Reusable & Durable
•  Ideal for Retail, Architectural, Residential & Decorative Applications
•  Folds Flat for Easy Storage & Shipping
•  Saves Time & Money
•  One Year Colorfast Warranty
(T-5's will fade faster) *

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Folds flat for shipping & storage GAMTubes to fit every fluorescent Easily trimmed with scissors

GamTubes™ are colored filter sleeves that slip over fluorescents to correct or change their color. They're an excellent and economical choice to simulate neon, reduce glare or to color correct for motion picture and television production. GamTubes™ are available for every fluorescent lamp from T-2 to T-12. They're also available for biaxial & compact fluorescents lamps, requiring only trimming of length, which is easily done with scissors.

*Color life expectancy for GamTube™ (single layer of color) on a fluorescent tube is one year for T-8 thru T-12. For T-5 and T-5 HO color life expectancy is 50% less particularly problematic are the T-5 HO lamps. SuperTubes™ are recommended for the T-5 lamps. Life expectancy is based on ten hours per day operation, seven days a week (an average on time of 70 hours per week). If lights are used on a higher average per week, life expectancy will be proportionally reduced.

Color life expectancy does vary because of the different dies used to make each color. Color life is impacted by installation circumstances and optical design of the fixture and reflector. For example if the fixture design limits the flow of cooling air or a spectral reflector focuses the light back into the lamp, color life will be reduced. GamTubes™ mounted in fixtures exposed to sunlight are also subject to quicker fading due to UV rays from sunlight even when the light is not on. For better results we recommend the Super/SuperTube

logoUV Shield Logo
Prevents Colors From Fading. Available in GamColors®, UV shield and neutral density filter.

Fluorescent lamps generate high levels of ultraviolet energy which is detrimental to dyes in fabrics, paintings, drawings and other art work. GamTube™ is available as an extremely effective clear UV shield to protect your valuable items. Use alone or layered under a colored GamTube™. Choose from over 160 stock colors in standard sizes for immediate delivery or order custom tubes in any GamColor®, in any length. GamTubes™ are essential in any museum or art gallery.

GAMTube in hand
Slides on and off easily
Select from over 160 GamColors™

For extended length uses, use GAM SuperTube™.

Long Life Color Sleeve Filter •  Two Year Colorfast Warranty
(T-5's will fade faster)

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Supertube with hand


SuperTube™ is a GamTube™ with a first layer (closest to the lamp) of UV filter and a second layer of GamColor®. The UV filter helps to extend the color life expectancy by filtering out the high UV content of the fluorescent lamp. SuperTube™ effectively doubles the life expectancy of a standard GamTube™ in the same situation. In an installation where we would expect one year of color life, the SuperTube™ would double it to two years. SuperTube™ is recommended to minimize maintenance frequency.

Super/Supertube™ is a first layer of UV (closest to the lamp) a second layer of color and a third layer of UV filter. The first layer of UV is to protect the color from the high UV content of the fluorescent lamp. The outside layer of UV filter protects the color from the UV of the sunlight. Super/Supertube™ is recommended for outdoor fixtures exposed to sunlight. The Super/Supertube™ should be mounted within the enclosed fixture to protect it from the weather.

Super/Supertubeis a custom order
Please call toll free in the US and Canada 888-GAMCOLOR or 323-935-4975 (Country code 1).

GAMTube T-2 Thru T-12 Sizes, 48":  
GAMTube T-2 Thru T-12 Sizes, 100": ONE Year Colorfast Warranty for Most Lamps - Call for details.
(T-5's will fade faster)
SuperTube T-2 Thru T-12 Sizes, 48":  
SuperTube T-2 Thru T-12 Sizes, 100": TWO Year Colorfast Warranty for Most Lamps - Call for details.
(T-5's will fade faster)

Any Size, any type, any Gamcolor: P.O.A.

Not for use with HO (High Output) or VHO (Very High Output) lamps.

ITEMS 300-499
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Item NumberDescriptionSize
T305French Rose - GAMTube
T305French Rose - SuperTube
T310English Rose - GAMTube
T310English Rose - SuperTube
T315Autumn Glory - GAMTube
T315Autumn Glory - SuperTube
T320Peach - GAMTube
T320Peach - SuperTube
T323Indian Summer - GAMTube
T323Indian Summer - SuperTube
T324Dark Bastard Amber - GAMTube
T324Dark Bastard Amber - SuperTube
T325Bastard Amber - GAMTube
T325Bastard Amber - SuperTube
T327Pale Sepia - GAMTube
T327Pale Sepia - SuperTube
T328Tan Tone - GAMTube
T328Tan Tone - SuperTube
T330Sepia - GAMTube
T330Sepia - SuperTube
T335Coral (extra CTO) - GAMTube
T335Coral (extra CTO) - SuperTube
T338Forever Amber - GAMTube
T338Forever Amber - SuperTube
T340Light Bastard Amber - GAMTube
T340Light Bastard Amber - SuperTube
T342Light Honey - GAMTube
T342Light Honey - SuperTube
T343Honey - GAMTube
T343Honey - SuperTube
T345Deep Amber - GAMTube
T345Deep Amber - SuperTube
T350Dark Amber - GAMTube
T350Dark Amber - SuperTube
T355Amber Flame - GAMTube
T355Amber Flame - SuperTube
T360Amber Blush - GAMTube
T360Amber Blush - SuperTube
T363Sand - GAMTube
T363Sand - SuperTube
T364Pale Honey - GAMTube
T364Pale Honey - SuperTube
T365Warm Straw - GAMTube
T365Warm Straw - SuperTube
T370Spice - GAMTube
T370Spice - SuperTube
T375Flame - GAMTube
T375Flame - SuperTube
T380Golden Tan - GAMTube
T380Golden Tan - SuperTube
T382Brass - GAMTube
T382Brass - SuperTube
T385Light Amber - GAMTube
T385Light Amber - SuperTube
T388Gold Rush - GAMTube
T388Gold Rush - SuperTube
T390Walnut - GAMTube
T390Walnut - SuperTube
T395Golden Sunset - GAMTube
T395Golden Sunset - SuperTube
T410Yellow Gold - GAMTube
T410Yellow Gold - SuperTube
T420Medium Amber - GAMTube
T420Medium Amber - SuperTube
T425Sunflower - GAMTube
T425Sunflower - SuperTube
T430Warm Ivory - GAMTube
T430Warm Ivory - SuperTube
T433Double Ivory - GAMTube
T433Double Ivory - SuperTube
T435Ivory - GAMTube
T435Ivory - SuperTube
T440Very Light Straw - GAMTube
T440Very Light Straw - SuperTube
T450Saffron - GAMTube
T450Saffron - SuperTube
T455Yellow Sun - GAMTube
T455Yellow Sun - SuperTube
T460Mellow Yellow - GAMTube
T460Mellow Yellow - SuperTube
T470Pale Gold - GAMTube
T470Pale Gold - SuperTube
T480Medium Yellow - GAMTube
T480Medium Yellow - SuperTube

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100-299   500-799   800-999   

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