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Example of a GamTorch
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The self-extinguishing Real Flame Torch
automatically extinguishes when safety switch is released

  • GAMTORCH, the Real Flame Torch for your productions
  • Tested and proven in hundreds of stage performances and outdoor spectacles
  • Produces 16 inches of real flame from solid GAMfuel pellets
  • Virtually smokeless and odorless, GAMTORCH is non-toxic and clean burning
  • A real flame source that is environmentally safe

    GamTorch at the Opera
    © Ken Howard, L.A. Opera

    The automatic safety release latch will instantly snuff out the flame when the performers release their grip on the handle.

    Load one to four GAMfuel pellets into the fire chamber, depending on the size and duration of flame you desire. Four GAMfuel pellets will give you about 15 minutes of a 16 inch flame. The clean burning pellets leave almost no residue.



Item NumberDescriptionSize
RFRF14-24GAMFuel (Carton of 14 trays)n/a
RFRF24GAMFuel (2 Trays of 24 pellets)n/a
RFRF6-24GAMFUEL PELLETS (Carton of 6 trays)*n/a



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