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GAM OPTO-ISO is a battery operated DMX splitter and uses four AA batteries which are included. See instructions on bottom pullout panel to install batteries. Once installed, the OPTO-ISO is ready to use. You may also use an optional DC supply plugged into the outlet labeled + 6v DC. Another option is to replace the battery compartment with an AC power supply which fits in the same place.

GAM OPTO-ISO is portable and battery operated so that it can be conveniently placed anywhere in the system you urgently need to add a DMX output or an optical isolator.

Plug the DMX signal into the first connector labeled DMX INPUT.

There is a straight through connection allowing you to loop through. This connector is labeled DIRECT THROUGH.

The third connector is labeled ISOLATED OUTPUT This is the optically isolated splitter which can be run off to a new set of DMX control devices. The OPTO-ISO ISOLATED OUTPUT also line drives the signal for runs up to 13,123 feet and protects the signal from surges up to 3000 volts DC.

Underneath the ISOLATED OUTPUT you will see a LED and a ŒPower ON-OFF¹ switch. Turn the switch ON to activate the isolated output channel.


GAM POUCH Black leather carry case, protects your GAM TOOLS.
(3-1/2"x 6"x 2")

For Checking 3 & 4 pin lines.
GT 3310 5 pin male to 5 pin female
GT 3330 5 pin male to 4 pin female
GT 3350 5 pin male to 3 pin female
GT 3370 5 pin female to 4 pin male
GT 3390 5 pin female to 3 pin male

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