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ALL THE FEATURES OF THE GAM COMMAND PLUS A VISUAL DISPLAY AND MORE! The GAM COMMAND II is a NEW addition to the distinguished family of GAM TOOLS. The new features include two display windows that allow visual tracking of your procedures. The display will show groups 1 through 5, scan what is in memory, read output of DMX signal channel by channel, and display the level output. GAM COMMAND II also allows you to step through memory independently.

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Model 3202

Technical Functions

  • Reads DMX level information
  • Automatically locates active channels in DMX stream
  • Locks on to any channel in the DMX stream
  • Displays all channel and level information on lit display
  • Functions as a stand alone riggers remote
  • Outputs 512 channel DMX from two presets
  • Pile on memory
  • Linear fade up and down buttons
  • Level adjustment to decimal increments
  • Addresses all 512 channels
  • Addresses contiguous channel groups
  • Addresses random channel groups
  • Addresses single channels
  • Level output displayed as percent of full
  • Automatic lead test function, quick and accurate
  • Tests all 5 pins continuously
  • Tests for open circuits
  • Tests for shorted pins
  • Tests for crossed connections
  • 16 key precision keypad for direct access of dimmers
  • Low consumption battery powered design

GAM COMMAND II is an ideal battery powered backup tool and tester. It checks for a DMX signal, provides a signal for testing devices on the bench, and can focus the show when a board is unavailable or out of commission. This sturdy tool is built into a metal case, and is a must for every lighting designer and every stage/studio electrician.

3-1/8 x 7-1/8 x 1-1/4²

1 lb.

Battery included

GT 3202 GAM COMMAND II $695.00

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