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GAM Command II_Instructions


The Gam Command is a two preset control containing a pile on memory, (Memory preset) and a solo preset (Dimmer input preset) which holds one channel or contiguous group of channels at a time. When a new input is made, the last entry is automatically switched out.


DIM ### AT ## Enters a dimmer level into the dimmer input preset
All level entries must be two digit (01 = 1).
DIM ### THRU ### AT ## Enters a continuous group of dimmers at the one level into the dimmer input preset.
AT ## Renews the level of the current channel.
THRU Press to show the last dimmer in a THRU group. Press again to show the first dimmer.
UP Fades up the current channel
DOWN Fades down the current channel
NEXT Advances to the next number dimmer channel when in dimmer preset.
BACK Moves back one dimmer number when in dimmer preset
ALL All dimmers
FULL Use when entering the levels at 100%
AT 00 Sets the dimmer input preset to zero.
DIM ALL AT ## Sets all 512 channels in the dimmer input preset to a level.

(QuickStart) Key Functions for MEMORY preset mode
GO Switches on the memory preset
MEM ALL AT 00 Clears all contents of memory
MEM GO Saves the current displayed channel to memory. All entries pile on.
DIM GO Makes the displayed memory channel a solo channel.
NEXT/BACK Displays the next channel saved in memory preset.

READ Hold down for 10 seconds to enter the DMX read function
DIM # # # AT Used to display the level of a particular dimmer channel
DIM ALL GAM COMMAND will read all channels in the DMX line and display only active channels
NEXT/BACK Advances to the next active channel when in DIM ALL mode, and advances one channel at a time in the DIM AT mode.
GO Exits from the DMX read functions

If the keypad is not used for several minutes, the display will enter a power save standby mode where you will see a single bar moving across the displays. While in standby there is still full DMX output. Press any key to start the display and show Œlast reading¹.

LOW BATTERY WARNING When the unit is turned on, the display will read LO. If batteries are low this readout remains until a keyboard button is pressed to commence usage.


LEAD Hold down for 10 seconds to enter lead testing function
GO Exits from lead test function

Controlling a DMX channel (Dimmer input preset)
Enter DIM 56 AT 75. This entry will put channel 56 on the DMX output of the GAM COMMAND II to 75%. To adjust the level (%) after entry just enter AT 40 for 40% or AT FULL for 100%, etc. Level entries below 10% must be entered as a two digit number. (01 for 1%, 05 for 5%)
You can also adjust the channel level using the UP/DOWN keys. (These keys are also the Œ0¹ and Œ7¹ keys). The keys function as UP/DOWN only after a dimmer level is fully entered. Press and hold the UP key down, you will see the level increase. Press and hold the DOWN key for level decrease.
The GAM COMMAND II will also provide level changes at the decimal level of DMX. ŒClick¹ the UP key once and the output level changes by one decimal increment. It takes 2.55 decimal increments for a 1% change.
The NEXT and BACK keys can advance you sequentially to the Œnext¹ dimmer number and Œback¹ to the last one when entering a new dimmer.

Multiple Dimmers (THRU key)
Enter DIM 10 THRU 20 AT 65. The display will show the first channel of the group. If you would like to see which channel is the last in the group, then press THRU once again. A dot will appear at the bottom of the first digit on the left. (The letter ŒT¹ is just below to indicate this is the ŒTHRU¹ function display). Press THRU again and the display will revert to the starting channel of the group.

Fading Levels Up
When making a dimmer entry, you might find it more convenient to fade up your selection more slowly. This is achieved by holding down the last key of your entry as it is entered.
Fade up can also be achieved by entering your required dimmer at 01 percent. Then using the UP key to slowly fade up to the desired level. Example: enter DIM 56 AT 01 then use the UP key (7) to edge up to the level.

Clearing the Dimmer Preset
Enter DIM ALL AT 00 to clear all entries in the dimmer input preset.

To Place a Channel in Memory

A channel level is entered into the GAM COMMAND II using the DIM ## AT ## function to set the channel number and level. Press MEM then GO and the dimmer you just entered will be added to the memory. The memory allows you to pile up 14 entries from the ŒDIM¹ input. When the memory is full the display will warn you with a ŒFL¹ appearing in the channel display when you press the MEM key. If there is no need to keep the lowest dimmer number in memory, press MEM then GO and the new entry will save to memory by overwriting the lowest numbered dimmer channel in the memory.

Switching ON Memory
Press the GO button. This button switches the memory preset on and off and a dot appears on the right side of the channel display (above the ŒM¹) to indicate that memory is on.

Scanning the Memory Contents
When the memory is on (the dot above the M is lit), you can display which channels have been memorised by using the NEXT and BACK keys. As you press NEXT and BACK you scan through the memory channels and you will see the dimmer preset channel even if it has not been put in memory. To indicate this channel the dot above the ŒD¹ will go on.

Use the GO button to switch on the memory preset. The dot at the bottom of the display near ŒM¹ will signify the memory preset. Use NEXT and BACK to find the channel. Once you get to the channel you wish to delete, press AT 00 to send the channel to 0.
If the channel does not delete from memory, it is most likely a channel from within the group that is saved to memory. In this case only the complete group can be deleted. First you need to locate the channel that starts the group with the NEXT BACK keys. Then delete it with AT 00. If the channel display is located on the dimmer input preset, (the ŒD¹ indicator is on) then only the dimmer input channel will go to zero and not the memory. To delete the memory channel, press MEM then GO.

Use the GO button to switch the memory on. Use NEXT and BACK to locate the channel. When located, use UP and DOWN to change the level or press AT ## to change the level. If the channel you are changing is also the dimmer input preset channel, the LED Œdot¹ above the ŒD¹will indicate. The level settings have to be saved to memory by pressing MEM then GO.

When memory preset is being used, any one of the memory channels can be moved into the dimmer preset by pressing DIM then GO. Switch memory on, use the NEXT and BACK to locate the channel you wish to be solo. Press DIM then GO to make this channel solo. Switch memory OFF by pressing GO again.

Switch memory on, press MEM ALL AT 0 0 (zeros), memory will be cleared.

Reading DMX Signals (READ)
First plug the DMX line into the male 5 pin XLR located at the top of the unit. Then turn on the GAM COMMAND. Press and hold the key labeled READ (also labeled DIM). Hold the key down until you see the display change. At this point the display will show a small flashing light at the bottom left of the display. There is an ŒR¹ below this dot to remind you it is in the read mode.

If the DMX line is not sending a signal or the signal is unreadable, the display will show ŒALL ­ ­¹. If signal is being transmitted and all channels are at zero, the display will read ALL 0.

Press DIM ALL. If channels are up, the GAM COMMAND homes directly to the first channel with level. To search through the signal line and find going channels, press NEXT or BACK. This takes you to the next channel with level. If there is no response from these buttons (NEXT & BACK), there are no other channels up in the signal line.

Enter DIM ## AT if you want to read a particular channel in the DMX line and fix on this channel only. Example: press DIM 30 AT to show you channel 30 only. Once this is done, the NEXT and BACK buttons will move the read to the next DMX channel‹one by one.


Press and hold down the button labelled LEAD (also labelled AT), until the display changes. If there is no cable in the sockets, the display will show 5 horizontal bars indicating that there is no connection on any of the 5 pins. Plug the lead to be tested into the male and female plugs on the top of the unit. If the lead is fully connected, the display will read 1 2 3 4 5 indicating the 5 lines of the lead are connected and in correct order. If the display reads 1 3 2 4 5, then pins 2 and 3 are reversed, etc. If it reads 1 8 8 4 5 then 1 4 and 5 are OK, 2 and 3 are shorted.

When you have finished testing leads, press GO to exit this function and resume normal operation.

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