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GAM Product #GT3100
Rosco Product #204 23100 0000
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Lamp Check

1. Move selector switch to 'Lamp' symbol setting
2. Plug the fixture or light into the female end of GamChek™ If the lamp and wiring are good, an audio signal will sound and the amber LED will light.

Cable Check

1. Move selector switch to 'Cable' setting
2. Plug both ends of the cable into corresponding ends of GamChek™
3. Depress each button (H, G, N) individually

Each LED should light individually in correspondence with its button

  • Button lights a non-corresponding LED: miswired cable
  • Two LEDs light together: electrical short
  • No LEDs light: no continuity in the line

1. Move selector switch to 'Cable' setting
2. Plug GamChek™ into power receptacle

  • If no LED lights: no power
  • f an LED lights: match the LED configuration with the label to determine power status

Attaching a Lanyard or Tie Line

A tie line can be installed by removing the 6 screws (A) securing the rear housing.
Remove the rear housing and insert the line through the hole (B), and tie a knot on
one end so that the line cannot be pulled out.

Replacing / Installing Battery

Remove the rear housing as above to access the 9V battery (C).

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