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The Gam Spin/FX will create kinetic animated light movement when used with a variety of light sources including ellipsoidals, fresnels and PAR lights. Spin/FX allows two effects discs to rotate in opposite directions. Variable rotation speeds can be controlled by most dimmers. Plugged into a straight 120v (220v models can be plugged into 220v), the Spin/FX will run at full speed. There are a variety of effects discs available which can be used singularly or in combinations for many different flickering light effects. Four sizes of mounting brackets are available.

Place the Spin/FX on a flat surface, next to the front edge (see figure 1). Mounted disc will extend over edge. Note the alignment notch and two mounting thumb screws on each mounting hub. When mounting effects discs, line up the rectangular slot in the effects disc with the alignment notch on the mounting hub (figs. 2-3).


The Spin/FX accommodates 2 effects discs that spin in opposite directions. To install the first disc, remove the wing nut and outermost mounting hub. Place your effects disc over the Spin/FX axle and align rectangular slot with alignment notch on inner mounting hub. After hooking pattern wheel to the mounting hub, secure with the 2 thumb screws.

figure2 figure3

Note: Make sure alignment notch in mounting hub is clean and will accept effects disks easily. (The alignment notch on mounting wheel will always face 'out').

To mount the second effects disc, place the other mounting hub on the axle and against the 7/16" nut. Repeat alignment process — slot to notch, and secure with thumb screws. Place wing nut on axle and tighten to hold outer assembly in place. Place cotter pin through small hole in the threaded axle to insure operational safety. (see figure 3). Never operate Spin/FX without cotter pin in place.

Safety Notes: If using only one effects disc you may choose to mount it on the inner mounting hub. Make sure all the thumb screws are always tightened down. Always use the cotter pin attached to the wing nut as a safety lock. (Secure it through the threaded axle when running the Spin/FX). Secure unit to lamp with safety cable when operating in an overhead situation.

TIPS: When mounting the effect disc 'in the air', use the alignment notch in the 6 o'clock position. This will help hold the disc in place so the thumb screws can be secured. TIPS: Each effect disc has its catalog number etched on the back. When mounting two discs of the same design, mount with 'clear' sides facing each other. The designs will be reversed.

Experiment with different effects disc combinations, wheel speeds and light focus. Your Gam Spin/FX will create a limitless variety of effects. Some of our effects disc patterns are show below.

Spin Effects
Spin Effects
Spin Effects

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