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GAMFloor Instructions


GAMFLOOR™ should not be stored in a horizontal position for long periods of time and is best stored in an upright position. Storage in a horizontal position will cause the roll to get a flattened edge. Ideal storage temperature is between 65 and 80F (18 to 29C). GAMFLOOR™ should not be stored at temperatures above 120F (49C). GAMFLOOR™ should not be stored near heat sources or in direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity. Store in original container.

GAMFLOOR™ may be applied to wood, concrete, metal, vinyl, glass, painted surfaces and many other finishes and surfaces. Surface should be clean and dry, with no dust, dirt or oils.

To remove GAMFLOOR™ simply peel it up and throw it away. The low-tack adhesive will leave no residue.

Easy to install on a clean surface, it does require two or more people to handle the 48 inch wide material. With its backing still in place, roll out GAMFLOOR™ in the area you wish to place it. Cut to the overall length required. See figure 1.

With the backing side up, start to peel the backing sheet off. One person holds one end of the cut section of the GAMFLOOR™ sheet, the second person carefully peels away the backing material and discards. See figure 2. Once the backing is removed, turn the GAMFLOOR™ over. This requires two installers at either end of the cut material grasping the four corners of the sheet. Carefully turn over holding one edge up. Be careful not to stick GAMFLOOR™ to itself, should this occur, you can separate the low-tack adhesive.

GAMFLoor installation figure 1

Should there be wrinkles or bubbles, they are easy to handle. GAMFLOOR™ can be peeled up immediately and the wrinkles pulled out. Tiny air bubbles that are missed are easy to deflate: make a pin hole and smooth down. Use a small squeegee for small finishing, the large size for step 4 above. At one end the installer holds down the GAMFLOOR™ making sure it is in the proper position and flat (no wrinkles). Then the installer runs a hand across, getting one edge stuck to the surface to be covered. The other installer is holding the opposite end tautly up in the air, being sure not to allow anything other than the edge secured at one end to stick to the surface. See figure 3.

The installer who has stuck one edge down now takes a large industrial squeegee and starts to push the GAMFLOOR™ across the ground while the other installer keeps the opposite end in the air. See figure 4.

Using the squeegee, the installer squeezes out air bubbles and wrinkles. A little practice will make you an expert at this very quickly.

It is easy to fit the GAMFLOOR™ around moldings, columns and edges of any shape. Simply mark and trim with scissors or matte knife.

When covering large areas, overlap one edge of the vinyl flooring. This is the easiest way to seam it, and seams are not visible at a short distance to the eye or to the camera.

GAMFLOOR™ can be patched if it is torn or ripped in a small area. It can be painted over and be easily replaced
if necessary.

Use water based paints to paint matte finish and acrylic paints to paint a glossy finish.

Once GAMFLOOR™ has been laid down it can be painted, waxed, washed, swept, cleaned and polished.

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