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GamColor Transmission Data

This chart is designed to help predict the results of adding color filters to a Mercury Halide Lamp as compared to an incandescent.  The Mercury Halide Lamps used in this comparative chart are CDM 150 and CDM 70 which have a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 4200K and 3000K respectively.

The first column shows the GamColor filter number followed by its name.  The next three columns show the percentage of transmission or the amount of light in the visible range passed by an incandescent and metal Halide lamps.  We have added two additional columns of comments about the appearance of the color or the shift in the color between the incandescent  and the CDM lamps used in the test.  These measurements are meant to be a guide.  Each lamp can have a different correlated color temperature and spectral distribution.  There are production variations and then there is the change in the Metal Halide Lamps themselves over time.  All of these factors have an impact on the end results.  However this information can be very useful in helping to predict what you might expect and to help you select the appropriate color filter for your project.

The comments are those of one trained observer.  Every person is not going to have the exact same visual perception and theres always a certain amount of subjectivity.  There are other variables to be concerned about including production variations, reflector characteristics and glass lenses.  All of these variations alter performance so when it becomes critical, theres nothing like testing the actual fixture with the selected color filter.

Incandescent transmission % will differ from GamColor Swatchbook due to the swatchbook data being generated with a 2850K Incandescent.

GamColors® 680 - 810 appear as different colors
when CDM 150 (CCT - 4200K) is in use.

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