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One hundred thirty-eight colors, twenty diffusions, five neutral densities, UV filter and thirty one CineFilters, the clear choice for better color. GamColor® is deep dyed in a high temperature resistant polyester with a melting point of 480ºF (250ºC). The GamColor swatchbook provides a sample of each color along with a full spectral analysis. Adhering to that analysis is one way we insure that GamColor is consistent in color and performance now and into the future. Each carefully formulated color goes through a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure your satisfaction every time you use GamColor. Instructions

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ITEMS 0-1510
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Item NumberDescriptionSize
099Heat Shield
1510UV Filter
ZLGC1000Swatchbook: Standard4 in x 1 1/2 in
ZLGC1002Swatchbook: Cinefilter3 1/2 in x 4 in
ZLGC1004Swatchbook: Designer4 in x 5 in
ZLGC1006Swatchbook: Large Designer8 in x 10 in
100Gypsy Pink
101Lavender Blue
103Blue Rose
104Broadway Rose
105Antique Rose
105x3/4 Antique Rose
1061/2 Antique Rose
1071/4 Antique Rose
1081/8 Antique Rose
109Naked Pink
110Dark Rose
120Bright Pink
135Soft Pink
140Dark Magenta
150Pink Punch
152Party Pink
155Light Pink
160Chorus Pink
190Cold Pink
195Nymph Pink
220Pink Magenta
235Pink Red
245Light Red
250Medium Red XT
270Red Orange
280Fire Red
290Fire Orange
305French Rose
310English Rose
315Autumn Glory
323Indian Summer
324Dark Bastard Amber
325Bastard Amber
327Pale Sepia
328Tan Tone
338Forever Amber
340Light Bastard Amber
342Light Honey
345Deep Amber
350Dark Amber
355Amber Flame
360Amber Blush
364Pale Honey
365Warm Straw
380Golden Tan
385Light Amber
388Gold Rush
395Golden Sunset
410Yellow Gold
420Medium Amber
430Warm Ivory
433Double Ivory
440Very Light Straw
455Yellow Sun
460Mellow Yellow
470Pale Gold
480Medium Yellow
515Lime Yellow
525Lime Sun
540Pale Green
570Light Green Yellow
650Grass Green
655Rich Green
660Medium Green
666Wicked Green
670Emerald Green
680Kelly Green
710Blue Green
720Light Steel Blue
725Princess Blue
730Azure Blue
740Off Blue
750Nile Blue
760Aqua Blue
770Christel Blue
780Shark Blue
785Beverly Blue
810Moon Blue
813Dark Moon Blue
815Moody Blue
830North Sky Blue
835Aztec Blue
840Steel Blue
841Diamond Blue
842Whisper Blue
847City Blue
848Bonus Blue
850Primary Blue
855Blue Jazz
870Winter White
872Opera White
880Daylight Blue
882Southern Sky
885Blue Ice
888Blue Bell
889Hot Blue
890Dark Sky Blue
905Dark Blue
910Alice Blue
925Cosmic Blue
930Real Congo Blue
940Light Purple
948African Violet
960Medium Lavender
970Special Lavender
980Surprise Pink
982Lovely Lavender
985Ripe Plum
990Dark Lavender

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