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GamColor Junior Roll

If you choose GamColor® Junior Rolls and you are cutting the same 6 in x 6 in squares for a Source Four, you will be able to cut a total of 132 squares for your gel frames. In order to get the same number of cuts from sheets you would require eleven (20 in x 24 in) sheets.



Cutting six squares from sheets, you will get four across and three down, for a total of twelve cuts. There will be a 2 inch strip, 24 inches wide at the end of each strip, not usable for very much, basically scrap. That is a total of 48 square inches or 10% of the sheet in the garbage bin.



The Junior Roll, for $68, will give you the same yield as eleven sheets costing $83.05 (retail price). The savings can be even greater with other sized frames. For example, with 7 1/2 in x 7 1/2 in frames, you will have twice as much waste. GamColor® Junior Rolls offer a distinct savings, a superior quality gel, and a more convenient product to handle. The full rolls can save you even more money on much used colors in your pallet. GamColor® is the only color filter family available in sheets and three roll sizes in every color.


18% Savings with Junior Roll
132 - 6 in x 6 in cuts
Junior Roll ....... $75.00
11 Sheets ....... $98.89

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