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Brian Porter's Soul Time Stars (24 pointed / Five feet in diameter)
Photos courtesy Karuna Tina Briton
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GAM Color App
Gamtube™ Application at Venice University. #350 Dark Amber and #780 Shark Blue used in light installation by WORKSBUREAU Architectural Firm • Phoenix, AZ

GAMColor dark amber and shark blue

GAMColor at Venice University

Entertainment engineering using LED combined with Gamcolor® designed by Birket Engineering, Inc.



These gels are used in a small LED pixel assembly made of 2"x2" boxes that have 4 individually controlled LED circuits. The devices (1800 of them) are installed into costumes that are used.

SKY LIGHT Project for Fête de l’Europe • Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomphe, are there any monuments in any city of the world more famous and well known? What happens when you want to turn them blue for a special event? The lighting com-pany, SKY LIGHT PARIS, chose the wide-angle Xenon spotlights to do this extravaganza job. (Apparent Kelvin temperature, 6200K). GamColor® #835, Aztec Blue was chosen to create the European Blue effect.

Using 80 Xenon spotlights to light the 324 meters of soaring steel, GamColor® was not the first choice of color filters. However other filters would not hold up, rapidly fading in the powerful Syncrolite SX3K, SXB-5/2 and STX 4200W. Annie COLOMBATTO and Jean-Ma-rie LERICHE of SKY LIGHT made tests with other filters including tempered glass specially designed in Germany and P.E.T. infrared film made in the U.S.A. They then turned to GAMPRODUCTS for assistance. GAMPRODUCTS provided a much superior saturated blue that was able to withstand the high intensity and extremely high U.V. content of the Xenon light sources.

In addition to lighting up the Eiffel Tower, thanks to SKY LIGHT PARIS lighting ex-perience, the Arc de Triomphe was also bathed in blue using another 48 fixtures and GAM # 835 Aztec Blue to create that deep blue-tinged wash.

SKY LIGHT Project for Fête des Lumières • Lyon, France

Back in June of 2007, the SKY LIGHT lighting company won a bid to produce a spectacular light piece for the Place des Terreaux as part of the annual Fete des Lumieres in Lyon (December 6-9).

The concept, developed with lighting designer Jean-Yves Orcel, involved the use of a transluscent sphere measuring 4 meters in diameter. It has 360 faces mounted with 20 pure gel colors from the GAMCOLOR® range (from cyan, yellow and magenta families). Orcel was trying to simulate sunshine dancing through stained glass.

© Entertainment Technology Magazine, Issue #168

Pictures by Guillame Atger for Sky Light


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