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GamChroics Heat Temperature, Heat Resistant Dichroic Glass Filters

Available in hundreds of colors

  • Wide Range of Super Brilliant Colors
  • Durable and Low Maintenance
  • High Temperature Resistant Color Filters
  • Variety of Glass Thickness Available
  • Long Lasting Optical Coatings
  • Your Choice of Custom and Standard Sizes
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GamChroics™ are manufactured to high standards of consistency and performance.  Precise optical coatings on heat resistant glass make these Dichroic Filters durable, ideal for low maintenance long life installation.  GamChroics™ are available in a wide variety of traditional filter sizes for ellipsoidal spotlights, PAR units and MR16s.  GamChroics™ can be made to match most colors and special color requirements can be satisfied.  GamChroics™can be made in custom sizes to meet your special requirements.  Inquiries are welcome.

GamChroic™ Filters are also available as U.V. reflecting or infrared reflecting.  A combination of both U.V. and infrared is possible, as well.  For more information about GamChroics™ unique line of Dichroic Filters contact us through this website or toll free at 888-GAMCOLOR (U.S. and Canada).  Prices are dependent on size, quantity and color.  We welcome your inquiries.

GamChroics dichroic glass filters

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