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Patent Pending

GAMBOX is a foldable modular diffusion unit with an internal pipe that allows the mounting of multiple light sources. Diffusion slots in both the front and center accommodate cosmetic gel and diffusion.

The Diffusion box that solves problems!
• Eliminates boom shadows
• Closer booms means better sound
• Less heat for a higher light level
• Less equipment saves time and money
• Makes "actor's marks" less critical
• No refocus as blocking changes
• Use inexpensive lights - such as PAR 64's
• A single lamp burnout is not critical
• Use in series or individually
• Hang from single or multiple points
• As used on ABC's sitcom "The Hughleys"
• Patent Pending
Creative freedom -
within a 28 foot action area or more!

The GAMBOX design defies the inverse square law, solving the problem of severe light fall off as you move away from the source.

What the GAMBOX does!

Soft lights are often used to eliminate shadows. However, they have one great deficiency: as the distance from the soft light grows, the light fall off is extreme. When light levels in the up stage production areas are inadequate, additional lighting equipment must be added. These added lights cause problems particularly for microphones and booms. GAMBOX was designed to solve this problem, enabling you to have a more even light level from front to back. GAMBOX helps eliminate additional lighting equipment and the boom shadow problems that they create in the upstage areas.

GAMBOX Testimonials
"...It saved me at least $5000 a week." Michael Petok, Emmy winning Producer - Dave's World, Style & Substance

"The cleanest system I've observed for lighting a sit-com. I can see a lot of other uses - news, talk shows and game shows as well." Jim Moody, Lighting Designer, Wheel of Fortune

"I've never had better sound on a sit-com. I can get boom mics 3 feet closer with no boom shadows." Klaus Landsberg, 9 Emmy winning sound mixer

"Because of the position of the GAMBOXES, the boom arms are virtually unrestricted. There is no waiting for the lighting adjustments." Laurie Seligman, Boom Operator 19 years

"The result is an extremely consistent high quality picture that makes Telecine an easier process." Andy Lichstein, Telecine Colorist, Complete Post

GAMBOX works for daylight, sunset, night shots and more.

2:06.6 Video

Notice the even lighting on a variety of skin tones and actor positions from foreground to background. See color circles in diagram below for actor positions.

The basis of GAMBOX theory is that a soft projected front light is flattering to actors and eliminates boom shadows. All action areas are lit so new blocking does not call for refocus. Since multiple sources are used for key, there is no waiting to change burnouts. GAMBOX theory is a fast, cost-effective lighting method that looks great!

GAMBOX provides a wide variety of light levels.

GAMBOX creates a mood, enhances special lighting.


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