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CAUTION: Use with incandescent loads only. The FLICKERMASTER cannot be used with fluorescent or HMI lights.

FLICKERMASTER SPE-6 is the latest version of the classic GAM FLICKERMASTER, with added new features, improved performance and easier operation. Thank you for selecting the SPE-6 for your special effects requirements.

OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply appropriate power to pigtail. SPE-6 can be supplied with male Edison pin plugs, stage pin connectors, or bare leads. 220V model is supplied with bare leads - green is ground.

OFF - Left hand knob in the OFF position, no output from the SPE-6.

DIM - Set left knob to DIM when you wish to use SPE-6 as a dimmer, or when focusing your lights so that they are not blinking or strobing. Dimmer knob (marked DIM on right) controls brightness and must be turned up past zero for light to come on.

FLICKER - Set left knob to this position when a random flicker is wanted. (Speed, Low, and Dim are operational in FLICKER and STROBE mode).

STROBE - Set left knob to this position for STROBE effect.

SPEED - Use to adjust the rate of flicker or strobe - 0 is slow, 10 is fastest. Operational in Flicker or Strobe modes.

LOW - Low Level control allows for variable compression of the flicker range to create the very low flickering of gas lamps or a roaring fire. Functional when SPE-6 is set to Flicker or Strobe modes.

DIM - Dimmer control - 0 being lowest, 10 highest.. Functional in all position settings except OFF. You may use the Dimmer to compress the high level of the flicker or to fade out an effect in either the Flicker or Strobe modes. The SPE-6 dimmer is fully filtered, and has a very smooth curve.

REMOTE Jack - Used to turn SPE-6 on and off from a remote location. See remote jack instructions on page 4.

STATUS (LED) - Flickers to show flicker/strobing range. In DIM setting, glows in relative intensity to output level.

POWER (LED) - Indicates power to unit. Check fuse if not functioning.

BACK PANEL - Power in and power out pigtails, 20 amp fuse (120V) or 10 amp fuse (240V). Do NOT exceed fuse limits.

The SPE-6 can be supplied as either a 120V or 240V model. Do not change voltage as components such as dimmer choke must also be changed. All SPE-6 are 120V unless marked otherwise.

In order to control the on/off function by remote, you will need to plug a male phone jack plug (0.141 inches) into the remote receptacle. There are two ways of controlling the on/off function:

1. Turn on/off by simply using a switch to open/close the loop.

2. Apply either 0 to 1 VDC to turn it off, or 4 to 10 VDC to turn it on. This way you can use a 0 to 10 volt control signal from either batteries or your light control board to trigger the SPE-6.



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