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Flickermaster DMX8


Flicker/Strobe Generator Effects

The GAM Flickermaster DMX8© creates a wide range of realistic flicker and strobe effects and also functions as a portable dimmer. From random flickering of candlelight or a T.V. screen to the bright strobing of an emergency light, the Flickermaster DMX8©makes it easy: connect the 'power in' cable to an outlet and the 'power out' to your lights. Set the function knob, adjust the speed (this sets the rate of flicker or strobe), adjust the level (determines whether the light goes out completely or retains some brightness) and adjust the dim knob for overall level. To use as a dimmer, set function knob to 'dim' and use the dim knob to adjust light levels of incandescent, fluorescent and LED light sources. Available in 120 or 220V, the Flickermaster DMX8© is a single circuit unit with a maximum load of 2000 watts.

  Function Speed Level Dim    
1. TV FLICKER Flicker 5 9 10 GamColor®
1523 Full CTB or
882 Southern Sky
Select fluorescent in "daylight" range
2. FIRE GLOW Flicker 8 4   GamColor®(Split)
710 Blue Green/ 410Yellow Gold/
290 Fire Orange/ 335 Coral
3. STROBE LIGHT Stobe 9.9 0   GamColor®
870 Winter White
4. FAULTY NEON SIGN Flicker 6 0   GamColor®
180 Cherry
GamColor® GamTube™
245 Light Red
5. BAD FLUORESCENTS Flicker 9 8   GamColor®
520 New Straw
Select fluorescents of your choice
6. MOTEL SIGN Strobe 0 2   GamColor®(Layered)
290 Fire Orange + 330 Sepia
7. CAMP LANTERN Flicker 6 8   GamColor®(Split)
350 Dark Amber/ 270 Red Orange

Project any of these Great American Patterns and use the Flickermaster DMX8© to flicker the light fixture:

646 Apparition 538 Christmas Tree B 268 Lightning 369 Alternate Lightning
270 Fireworks 356 Sparkler 570 Scarecrow  

Use GamColor® to create a 'fire gel'. Use the Flickermaster DMX8© to create the illusion of fire with the following Great American Patterns:
535 Elizabethan Windows 767 Old Blinds 631 Curtains 210 Old City Alley  
605 Factory Windows 657 Mixed Trees 267 Fire 562 Arch with Steps  
602 Jack-O-Lantern 603 Jil-O-Lantern 211 City Skyline    

Project any of these GAM patterns and use the Flickermaster DMX8© to strobe the light fixture:
627 Street Scene 1 628 Street Scene 2 525 Spaceship A 526 Spaceship B  
325 Lighthouse 259 Applause 393 Question Mark    


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