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Custom GAM Patterns




  • Single Color
  • Multi Color
  • Grayscale
  • Black & White
  • Full Gradients and Shading
  • Any Design, Any Tolerance
  • Black & White

  • Design must be altered and bridged within limited tolerance dependent on pattern size.
  • Vectorized files: Adobe Illustrator eps or ai
  • Photoshop Files: psd or eps
  • Other formats: tiff, pdf, jpg, bnp, bmp & gif. Gif files are poor quality images usually reserved for the web and do not render the best image quality. They are compressed files that in some cases may not be ‘cleaned up’ which leads to poor image projection, however, we will work with artwork as we can. These files should be submitted 3x their normal size when possible.
  • Metal files: 150 dpi or better
  • B/W Glass, gray scale or multi-color gobos: 600 dpi and higher
LEAD TIME: Dependent on approval of artwork received by 11:00 A.M. PST - Rush fees are possible
Stainless Steel ...... Ships next day after receipt of order
Glass - B&W and One Color glass ...... Ships two business days after receipt of order
Glass - Two Color ...... Ships three busniess days after receipt of order
Glass - Multi-Color / Hi-Def Glass ...... Ships three - five business days after receipt of order
Steel ......
$79.00 / $30.00 per copy
Glass - Black & White ......
$212.00 / $110.00 per copy
Glass - One Color ......
$212.00 / $110.00 per copy
Glass - Two Color ......
$415.00 / $302.00 per copy
Multi-Color ......
$695.00 / $479.00 per copy

Moving Lights
Glass - Black & White ......
$212.00 / $98.00 per copy
Glass - Two Color ......
$415.00 / $229.00 per copy
Multi-Color ......
$695.00 / $429.00 per copy
PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM AND CLICK "SUBMIT" - For questions about your pattern please call Rosco toll free at 1-866-228-2256 or email or

To place your order, please contact your current Rosco dealer or visit the Where to Buy section at to find the dealer closest to you.

We can do any size for any fixture, please specify below:

GAM Custom Pattern Request

Pattern Design Details


  Outside Image Area  

Pattern Type

A ...... 100 mm 75 mm Stainless Steel
B ...... 86 mm 64.5 mm Glass - Black & White
M ...... 66 mm 49.5 mm Glass - One Color
          Glass - Two Color
          Glass - Multi-Color

Custom Size
* Quantity
* Date Due
* Lighting Instrument
* Throw Distance
Personal Information
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* Email
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