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Demonstrating RGB Color Mixing

Color mixing with primary red, green and blue

To successfully demonstrate this color theory select three ellipsoidal spotlights that are in good optical condition. Be sure to use 3200º Kelvin lamps. Do not use long life lamps which are around 2900º Kelvin. The lack of the blue energy even at 3200º Kelvin is a problem.

After you have selected good instruments, be sure that they have an even field. Uneven light distribution will distort the results and confuse the viewer. Now add GamColor primaries G250, G650 and G850. Because of the limited amount of blue energy from incandescent light sources you will have to dim the red (G250) by about 40% to get a good white. You will want to power your light fixtures from three separate dimmers so that you can mix the colors.

Consideration must be given to the surface on which the light is projected. It must be a neutral white and preferably matte finish. Projection screens can create a problem in that they are directional in their reflectness and viewers will see different colors at different angles. Spending the time required to carefully prepare this demonstration so that it works properly is worth the effort. Properly done tri-color mixing never fails to draw an exciting response.

Additive Color Mixing

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