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The following information has been prepared by the GAM staff to help you understand color theory as well as its application and standards of measurement. Much of this presentation comes from a series of lectures and articles by Joseph N. Tawil, President and founder of GAMPRODUCTS, Inc. Teachers interested in using this copyrighted material for training purposes are invited to request premission from GAMPRODUCTS, Inc. We hope you find this information useful and encourage your comments and suggestions for expanding and/or improving its content.




 1) GamColor CIE Chromaticity Map

 2) Using the CIE GamColor Chromaticity Map

 3) The Black Body Locus (Kelvin)

 4) Colorimetry Range of Film and Video

 5) Color Description Terms for an Object

 6) Color Description Terms for Light

 7) Color Mixing with Light (Additive)

 8) Color Mixing with Paint and Ink (subtractive)

 9) Subtractive Color Filtering with "gels"

 10) Demonstrating Tri-Color Mixing

 11) The Visible Spectum - Light

 12) The Language of Additive and Subtractive Color Mixing

 13) Fluorescents and the Kelvin Myth

 14) The Color of White Light

 15) The GAM© Color System

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