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THE GAMCOLOR© SYSTEM-Complimentary Color Finder

The GamColor wheel arranges each color filter into a logical chart showing primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

Complementary colors are easily selected by looking across the chart. Each color group is allocated 100 numbers. For example, reds are in the 200s. Primary red is 250, the halfway mark between 200 and 300. As the red GamColor filter numbers go up toward 300, they are more orange. As the red numbers go down toward 200 they are more magenta.

This organized and logical numbering system makes it easier to locate the desired filter and directs you toward the closest options. Use the convenient GamColor wheel to suggest color combinations.


GamColor is deep dyed polyester-color that is linked into the polyester, not surface coated. Polyester is the most durable of the expendable color filter materials.

Polyester and polycarbonate are the two most widely used materials for color filters. They have replaced gelatin and acetate which were used for many years. The new materials have been chosen because they are more durable. Of the two, polyester is the most durable and has been selected as the base film for GamColor filters.

The difference between deep dyed and surface dyed

GamColor is deep dyed polyester, the color is linked molecularly into the polyester. There is a distinct advantage to this process over surface coated polyester. The deep dye process is more difficult to remove because it disturbs the molecular structure. Once the color is placed into the film it becomes difficult for color to evaporate or depart from the polyester base. In contrast, surface coated polyesters are more susceptible to fading when exposed to heat since the coating is merely placed on the surface and can readily evaporate.

To compete with the more durable deep dyed polyester (GamColor) some manufacturers have chosen to dye in the mass polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is much easier to dye and takes the color more readily than polyester. Using this more susceptible carrier may make it easier to dye, but it also fades faster. Polycarbonates are less durable than polyester under high temperature conditions.

As the chart above shows, polyester melts at 480º F and polycarbonate melts at approximately 380º F. Polyester does not soften until it reaches 400º F, whereas polycarbonate softens at about 270º F.

It is not uncommon to see temperatures of 350º F on the color media placed in front of ellipsoidal spotlights and fresnels, much above the softening point of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonates are easier to dye but when heat is applied the dyes become viscous and actually moves away from the hot center causing a more rapid fade. Deep dyed polyester (GamColor) resists this fading because the dye does not migrate when the same heat is applied.

Every GamColor has UV inhibitors to help prolong color life. Extensive tests and many years of experience indicate as much as two to three times the color life for most GamColors when compared to competitors' materials. GamColor deep dyed polyester is the most durable. It is the 'product of choice' if you need long lasting quality.

The clarity and fidelity of color from batch to batch is a result of GamColor's superior process. We make every effort to insure that the color is the same every time. Quality control is dependent on the finest color measuring devices, but the final judgment is made from visual inspection by experienced colorists.

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