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Additive Color Mixing with Light

Red, green and blue are three colors which are widely separated from each other and because of this they will combine to make many other colors including in the right circumstances "white". For this reason, they are commonly referred to as "Primary colors in light".

By combining any two primary colors you create a secondary color, which is a complement of the third primary (complement as in completes). For example, by combining red and blue you can get the violet and pink range. By combining blue and green you can get cyan or blue green colors. By combining red and green you can get the orange-yellow range (See fig. 1)

Secondary colors are also called complementary colors in that they complete the white light when mixed with the missing primary color. For example violets and pinks are complementary to the primary color green because they contain red and blue. Oranges and yellows are complementary to the primary color blue because they contain red and green. (These examples use the term complementary color broadly.)


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