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GamColor© CineFilters are deep dyed polyester manufactured to insure an optically clear high heat resistant product. The visual color distribution of each correction filter is shown in Nanometers on the spectral distribution chart.

Under the catalog number, we have provided the following information: Light loss in f-stops, percent of light transmission and mired shift. In the lower right hand corner we have provided a convenient reference chart which shows what each correction filter does to the color temperature of your light source. The speedy reference chart keys the important 3200° Kelvin (tungsten) and 5600° Kelvin (nominal daylight).

To the left of the convenient conversion chart is a brief description of the function and application of that filter.


CineFilters are grouped according to function.
(click on filter group for application information):
ND-Neutral Density Filter
CTB-Increase color temperature, incandescent to daylight
CTO-Decrease color temperature, daylight to incandescent
CTO/ND-Combines Neutral Density with CTO
MG-Minus Green, reduces spikes of flourescents & discharge lamps
PG-Plus Green adds green to incandescent source

Diffusion Materials, Correction colors and diffusion available in the following sizes:

24" x 20" (50.8 cm x 60.96 cm)

Jr Rolls:
24" x 198" (60.96 cm x 5.02 M)

24" x 50' (60.96 cm x 15.24 M)
48" x 25' (121.92 cm x 7.62 M)

Micro Reciprocal Degrees for CineFilters

Mired shift provides a method of accurately predicting the color filter correction needed to achieve a desired color temperature.

A Mired value is computed in the following way:

(To calculate Mireds)
°Kelvin of Source

To calculate filtration required:

Desired Source Kelvins
Original Source Kelvins
Convert a lamp reading 3100°K to match daylight source 5600°K:
=+178 less 1,000,000
(or) 178-322 = -144 (Mired shift)

Use GAM 1523 FULL CTB with a Mired shift of Ð141

The Visible Spectrum-Wavelengths in Nanometers:


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