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BlackWrap™, the original flexible matte black aluminum, is form-holding and heat resistant. When wrapped around fixtures or hardware, it keeps its shape and position. On strike night, BlackWrap™ is easy to remove. BlackWrap™ masks light leaks and conceals unsightly cabling. It is ideal for making a snoot or barndoors to control light.

  • Masks light leaks
  • Controls unwanted reflections from shiny surfaces
  • Use BLACKWRAP™ outdoors for weather protection
  • Ideal for making a snoot or barndoors to control light
  • .002 inch thick, coated matte black on two sides
  • Available in four widths: 12", 24", 36" & 48"
  • Tape rolls available in 2 inches x 80 feet

The Original Academy Award™ Winner

GAM Product #BW2700
Rosco Product #101 01201 1250

Click to view separate Blackwrap ™ Specifications or download PDF
pdf Blackwrap™ Specifcations
Blackwrap roll
Blackwrap roll boxed

Blackwrap tape

GAM has improved the BlackWrap™ Tape. The new
adhesive is easier to remove and more forgiving in
the clean-up. Tape comes in rolls that are 2 inches
wide and 80 feet long. We invite your inquiries about
custom roll sizes as well.

blackwrap tape


BW2700 / 101 01201 1250
BlackWrap™ - 12in x 50ft roll
BW2710 / 101 01201 2425
BlackWrap™ - 24in x 25ft roll
BW2715 / 101 01201 3625
BlackWrap™ - 36in x 25ft roll
BW2760 / 101 01202 2425
BlackWrap™ Silver - 24in x 25ft roll
BW2770 / 101 01201 4825
BlackWrap™ - 48in x 25ft roll
BW2780 / 101 012050 280
BlackWrap™ Tape - 2in x 80ft





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