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Courtesy of Lighting&Sound International Magazine

Classic Gear : BlackWrap

BlackWrap™, the original flexible matte black aluminum, is form-holding and heat resistant. When wrapped around fixtures or hardware, it keeps its shape and position. On strike night, BlackWrap™ is easy to remove. BlackWrap™ masks light leaks and conceals unsightly cabling. It is ideal for making a snoot or barndoors to control light.


  • Masks light leaks and conceals unsightly cabling
  • Controls unwanted reflections from shiny surfaces
  • Use BLACKWRAP™ outdoors for weather protection
  • Ideal for making a snoot or barndoors to control light
  • .002 inch thick, coated matte black on two sides
  • Available in three widths: 12", 24", 36" & 48"
  • Available as a tape in rolls 2 inches x 80 feet

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BlackWrap Tape


GAM has improved the BlackWrap™ Tape. The new adhesive is easier to remove and more forgiving in the clean-up. You will find this new and much improved version of the BlackWrap™ Tape easier to work with. When you save time, you save money. BlackWrap™ Tape comes in rolls that are 2 inches wide and 80 feet long. We invite your inquiries about custom roll sizes as well.

BlackWrap Tape


  • Bend it, fold it, wrap it, shape it where you need it
  • Dull and hard reflective side
  • Easily maleable and durable
GAM Blackwrap foil roll

BlackWrap, which is made from aluminum foil, is a recyclable material and should be recycled whenever possible. The cardboard carton it comes in is made with 50% recyclable materials and of course can be recycled as well (made of a starch material, no glue and water based inks).


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Traveling around the world, I noted that from time to time cameramen would ask for sheets of aluminum foil to be painted black. Somewhere in the back room or out in the back yard, there would be an electrician spray painting the aluminum foil black. This useful material was not available in any economical or convenient form. GAM set out to solve this problem. Research included the possibilities of anodizing the aluminum foil and painting the aluminum foil. These approaches proved to be very costly and not as durable as would be required.

There are processes for coating aluminum foil with colors to be used in cooking. These coatings were durable, could withstand high temperatures, and were very safe to use. The problem was to find coatings that would be black, matte black, not shiny. Working with aluminum manufacturers, GAM was able to develop BLACKWRAP, the first and original black foil for motion picture, television and theatrical use. The year was 1983.

There are cheaper processes for coating aluminum foil, but they are not as durable as the BLACKWRAP process. BLACKWRAP has been tested to temperatures of 1000°F before the paint starts to brown.

BLACKWRAP does not flake. BLACKWRAP is always very matte - not shiny. Competitive products made with a cheaper process do not hold up to the same temperatures, and are not as matte black as BLACKWRAP. Sometimes the other black coatings flake off which can be disastrous in a film shoot and always annoying when a shiny area of the black foil suddenly becomes apparent.

BLACKWRAP is a Great American Market original. We never cut corners or reduce quality. BLACKWRAP from GAMPRODUCTS, INC. - quality you can depend on!

2004 Emmy Achievement Joe Tawil

Item NumberDescriptionSize
2700BLACKWRAP12 in. x 50 ft. x .002 in.
2710BLACKWRAP24 in. x 25 ft. x .002 in.
2715BLACKWRAP36 in. x 25 ft. x .002 in.
2760GAMWRAP Heavy Duty Silver Foil24 in. x 25 ft. x .002 in.
2770BLACKWRAP48 in. x 25 ft. x .002 in.
2780BLACKWRAP TAPE2 in. x 80 ft. Roll

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